Iran Kuwait war
Date Jan 2009 -Feb 2009
Location Kuwait
Result Iran victory
Kuwait Iran
Commanders and leaders
Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah Hassan Firuzabadi
170,000 men, 172 tanks 250,000 men, 200 tanks, 70 artillery, and 25 different air-vehicles.
Casualties and losses
10,000 men 169 tanks 30,000 men 150 tanks
It was a sunny day on Jan 12 when the Iran army came over thought the desert. First city was Abdali then Jahra before stopping at Kuwait City from a heavy defense.Before falling due to Heavy and hardcore human wave. The war was caused when the Caliphate accepted the deal with Kuwait to take over Iraq.Iran was shocked by the deal and Invaded by fear.
Iran army in K
K army


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