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Iran | People's Socialist Republic of Iran | جمہوری سوسیالیستی خلق ایران | Jomhūri-ye Sosyâlisti-ye Khalq-e Irān (Persian)

Capital: Tehran

Largest city: Ctesiphon (9,572,164)

Official language: Persian

Recognized regional languages: Arabic, Aramaic, Azeri, Baloch, Gilaki, Kurdish, Mazandarani, Talysh

Other languages: Lur, Pashto, Qashqai, Turkish

Ethnic groups: 48.3% Persian, 12.9% Azerbaijani, 10.6% Kurd, 7.7% Arab, 5.4% Assyrian, 3.8% Lur, 2.8% Mazanderani, 2.4% Baloch, 1.9% Gilaki, 1.4% Qashqai, 1.2% Turk, 1.6% others

Religions: Mazdaism (69.8%), Yazidism (8.7%), Ishmaelism (6.4%), Nestorian Christianity (5.2%), Alevism (1.0%), Others (3.6%), Non-religious (5.3%)

Demonym: Iranian

Government: Single-party socialist federal republic

President: Mehrdad Omidvar

Prime Minister: Maryam Azodanlu

Legislature: Supreme Shura

Socialist Republic: 1 April 1979

Area: 1,862,872 sq km

Population (2014): 110,524,748

Currency: Iranian toman (IRT)

Internet TLD: .ir

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