Federal Islamic Republic of Iran
جمهورية فيديراليّة إيسلميك إيران
Official language Arab
Capital Tehran
President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad
Vice President Osama Bin Laden
State Ideology Islam
Territories Middle East
Population 340 Million est.
Establishment 1943
Currency Dinar

This state had gained the most from the war, annexing a larger percentage of area in a short space of time than any other nation in history. They also had a monopoly of middle eastern oil, which gave them more profits and quickly made them into one of the world's richest nations. However, there were insurgents in Saudi Arabia and Palestine causing problems, so the Iranians drafted a new constitution, dividing Iran into States (much like the USA) and making the holy cities of Jerusalem, Mecca, Medina etc. districts, each with an administrator, in order to weaken the insurgents' influence, and to curry favor from America. After the new constitution was drafted, General Khomeini resigned from the military and instead became a cleric, building bridges between the Arabs and the Iranians.

Eventually Iran would get their first man in space in 1960. But by then, Germany was finalizing plans for Space Stations (in his haste to leave, Werner Von Braun left behind some notes which detailed the possibility of such weapons)

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