After Iran's defeat in the Iran-Iraq War and the establishment of the Socialist Republic of Iran, President Panahi of Iran began modernizing Iran's military with latest western, Soviet and Chinese hardware.




Iranian Army Equipment as of 1990.

Model Number Acquired From
AMX-30 700 France
M-109 Howitzer 359 USA
M-270 MLRS 250 USA
M1 Abrams 470 USA
M-113 APC 4000 USA
M2 Bradley 1500 USA
HMMWV 100000 USA
ERC-90 Sagaie 110 France
MIM-104 Patriot 500 USA
AMX-30D 40 France
AH-64 Apache 170 USA
UH-60 Black Hawk 166 USA
M60 Patton 324 USA
Chieftain 543 United Kingdom

Air Force

Iranian Air Force Equipment as of 1990.

Model Number Acquired From
F-14 Tomcat 53 USA
MiG-29 140 USSR
Mirage F-1 90 France
J-7 20 China
F-4 Phantom II 148 USA
F-5 Freedom Fighter 48 USA
Dassault Rafale 50 France
C-130 Hercules 60 USA
E-3 Sentry 5 USA


Iranian Navy Equipment as of 1990.

Model Number Acquired From
Kilo Class Submarine 5 USSR
La Combattante IIa 12 France
Bayandor Class Corvette 5 USA
Super Etendard 25 France
CH-53 Super Stallion 6 USA
Alvand Class Frigate 5 USA
Lynx Helicopter 20 United Kingdom
Nimitz Class Aircraft Carrier 1 USA
P-3 Orion 15 USA

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