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Timeline: Doomsday: 1983
Flag of Iowa Iowa-StateSeal
Flag Coat of Arms
Location of The State of Iowa

Our liberties we prize and our rights we will maintain. (English)

Anthem "Ode To Joy"
Capital Fort Dodge
Largest city Fort Dodge
Other cities Mason City, Ames, Perry
Language English
Religion Protestant
Demonym Iowan
Government Republic
  legislature Iowa General Assembly

The Iowa Commonwealth also know as (Iowa) is a formation of cities of Ames, Fort Dodge and Mason City with other small farming communities.



Iowa - the heart of the Midwest and part of the Corn belt, its know for having corn parades and large farming communities.


Camp Dodge was a base ready for a incoming attack by US missiles, The facility serves double duty as a continuity of government facility for the state of Iowa. As soon as missiles were detected - Camp Dodge and the Iowa state Government left north to Ames. Camp Dodge also ordered evacuation of the city to the North, South, West and East and needed all to meet in central Iowa cities. With Des Moines one of the lowest populated state capitals (191,121) in the nation - a fairly large percentage was able to leave the city in time and with the help of a good road working system and the help of Camp Dodge national guardsmen. Once the EMP was hit the long trail of cars from a reasonably safe distance from Des Moines were shut down. The Jeeps of the Camp Dodge had been built to withstand the EMP, having a plan for any type of Nuclear attack. The long trail of men and women began to march to Ames, a large sum would die from radiation. Des Moines - being one of the most central locations in America was finally nuked at 3:09, in the southern portion and downtown area had been destroyed, finally the alarms that had been on since 8:00 September 25 had finally turned off. While most of the Suburb areas and the outer most of Des Moines did get out - a large amount of people died due to being too late and too far into the city.

After Doomsday

Once arriving in Ames - the population and National Guard were greeted by already stationed guardsmen from around the state and Camp Dodge and the Governor and had already linked up with Fort Dodge and Mason City. They also reported that West and East Iowa were to much damaged to be able to be taken control of and coulden't spend the supplies on help the entire state. Governor Robert D. Ray (R) lead a strong cause against criminals and other vandals. After just one day, the mayor of Ames had asked for the major population leave to Fort Dodge or Mason City, in order to keep the city in peace. Iowa's few engineers began to fix small cars that ran on little fuel in the large mess of cars on the road leading to Ames and Des Moines. The Government also began to tap into the large amounts of cars gas supplies. The National Guards men used the fuel and small cars to be able to ride across central Iowa to inform small community towns and they're police - which would get to the farmers. The Governor had a large map of each county and the perfect square farms and would shade in every farm and if all complied - he would shade in the entire county. If any county or farmer opposed him - the national guard would take the farm or convince the people to join. With still a large amount of fuel - the guardsmen began to spread families to different cities (Most to Fort Dodge). With using the same strategy with central Iowa in Ames to get the counties to join - Robert began a large operation in northern Iowa from Mason City.

Bad Crops

With horrible amounts of fallout, northern Iowa was only productive. This was directly after Doomsday and caused the Government to focus on the northern counties, and production.


Iowa has kept a steady pace with the small populated countryside, with growing cities becoming too crowded, people have begun to spread out to the country were old farms and abandoned communities have begun to be rebuilt. Iowa has begun exploring into central Iowa over time - making connections with towns.


After Doomsday had happened, parts of the Government left to Iowa City, which formed over time with no contact with the Iowa Commonwealth Iowa kept is old Government and kept with the usal elections, Democrats gained control after Doomsday and have a positive mind to re-joining the United States. The current Governor is Richard Noble (D).

They keep there state status but are considered an independent nation, the nation's official name is "The Iowa Commonwealth" but it is still known as "The State of Iowa"


Iowa has a very low living conditions, while the three main towns are able to keep power, most country towns are powerless. Old style windmills have been converted to pumping water and making some power.

Des Moines River is also another source for water, and allowed communities to reopen as farming communities after the fallout had begun to ware off.


The majority lives in the very central of the nation, while the nation is able to still keep control over the farming communities that joined over a large ranging amount of time.

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