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Iosef Antonov

Portrait of Iosef Antonov

16th Premier of Alaska
October 1, 1988 - January 30, 1992

Predecessor Aleksey Valenko
Successor Boris Molotov

11th Leader of Conservative Party
July 2, 1985 - January 30, 1992

Predecessor Mikhail Puzonov
Successor Arkady Gromykin

President of the Duma

Predecessor Yevgeniy Nosov
Successor Mischa Kurylenko

Duma Representative for 55th Constituency
1969-January 17, 1992

Predecessor Gennady Gerasimov
Successor Boris Milovy
Born July 22, 1931
Died April 11, 1999
Spouse Katya Antonova
Political Party Conservative Party
Profession Businessman, politician

Iosef Iosefevich Antonov (Russ: Йосиф Йосифович Антонов) (July 22, 1931 - April 11, 1999) was an Alaskan politician who served as the 16th Premier of Alaska from 1988 until January 1992, when the conservative coalition was defeated in a landslide by Boris Molotov's Liberal Party.

Regarded as one of the worst Premiers in Alaskan history, he oversaw the decline of the old conservative coalition, the early 1990's Alaskan economic recession, several government shutdowns and showdowns with the Tsar and Liberal opposition in the Duma, and was the Premier during a record five dissolutions of the body, one which lasted 83 days. Antonov was tried and convicted of corruption and executive misconduct in 1995 by a special court investigating various crimes during the late 1980's and early 1990's, but was found innocent of alleged human rights violations during the Revolution of 1991. He was murdered in prison in 1999 and was only the second Premier denied a state funeral, after Georgiy Ivanov.