Ion Horsa Codrinaru
3rd President of the Danubian Federation
Vice President (WIP)
Preceded by Vlado Nikolić
Succeeded by None (Replaced by Chairman Masaryk)
Vice-President of the Danubian Federation
President Vlado Nikolić
Preceded by None (position created)
Succeeded by Károly Vörös de Nyitra
Preceded by (WIP)
Succeeded by (WIP)
Personal details
Born Ion Horsa Codrinaru
3rd June 1812
Oradea, Transylvania
Died 24th July 1854
Vienna, Austria
Political party Pan-Danubian Party (formerly the co-founder of the Slavic and Romanian Liberal Party)
Children None
Religion Romanian Orthodox Church
Ion Horsa Codrinaru was the 3rd (2nd Elected) President of the Danubian Federation in the Interactive AAR A Federation of Equals.

Originally one of the few members of native Romanian aristocracy in Transylvania, Codrinaru was a fighter for ethnic Vlach rights. The Codrinaru family was one of the largest landowners in the eastern Transylvania.

He served the Federation as the first Vice President under President Vlado Nikolić. Following the 1848 elections he fought and killed the infamous Albert von Salzburg in a duel. In the 1852 election he manuevered his way into power after a coalition of the Pan-Danubian Party and the All-Danubian Conservative Party.

During his short tenure as President, he sold Ostprussen to the Prussians in exchange for Silesia. As well he wrote and passed a bill outlawing serfdom in the Federation. However his election (without being on the ballot) was seen as break election laws and resulted in a rebellion in Hungary. Codrinaru had his Minister of War try and calm it down, but his orders were interpreted as to shoot everyone on the streets. This led to a mass mutiny by the army during a war with the Ottoman Turks for Bosnia, Wallachia, Moldova as well as Crete and Albania (allegedly in a secret deal with the Venetians).

Codrinaru declared by special presidential order that Slovakia was a legal and distinct state in the nation and then poisoned himself in his quarters upon hearing the news of the mutiny. It is rumoured that he was assassinated but it was never confirmed.

Domestically Codrinaru is seen as the founding father of the Romanian state, who birthed Vlach proto-nationalism and put Transylvania on the political map.