Ioannina and Morea
— Province Ottoman Empire
OTL equivalent: Greece
Capital Athens (regional)
Largest city Athens
Language Turkish
Religion Islam (official)
Ethnic group Turkish, Arab
Government Constitutional Monarchy
Area 131,990 km2

50,944 sq mi 

Population 11,425,346 (2011 est) 
Established 1458

Ioannina and Morea is a province of the Ottoman Empire, formerly known as Greece.


Ancient Greece and the Byzantine Empire

Greece had a large influence on western culture and philosophy. It is considered the cradle of Western civilization. It was the first area in Europe were advanced early civilizations emerged. In 146 BC, Greece became part of the Roman Empire. The subsequent mixture of Roman and Hellenic cultures took form in the establishment of the Byzantine Empire in 330 AD around Constantinople. Byzantium remained a major cultural and military power for the next 1,123 years, until the Fall of Constantinople to the Ottoman Turks in 1453.

Early Ottoman Rule

Greece was gradually absorbed into the Ottoman Empire from the 15th century. The native Greek population was treated fairly harshly with heavy taxes. It was not a requirement to become Muslim but many did and would over the years.

Decline of the Empire and War of Independence

After the unsuccessful Ottoman siege of Vienna, in 1683, the Ottoman Empire entered a long decline both militarily against the Christian powers and internally, leading to an increase in corruption, repression and inefficiency. This provoked discontent which led to disorders and occasionally rebellions. As more areas drifted out of Ottoman control, the Ottomans resorted to military rule in parts of Greece. This only provoked further resistance. In 1814, a secret organization called the Filiki Eteria was founded with the aim of liberating Greece. War broke out in 1821. By 1834, the battle was over and the Greeks were independent.

Re-invasion and Ethnic Cleansing

During WWII, Greece was captured by Ottoman forces. Over the next few years, vast swaths of Turks flooded the cities, this method having been inspired by the German 'living space'. There are now very few native Greeks.


11,425,346 people live in the province (2011 estimate). Islam is nearly the only religion, with a very small amount of other religions.

New Ottoman Empire - Religion in Ioannina and Morea

Religion in Ioannina and Morea

The official language of Ioannina and Morea is Turkish.