2010 Invasion of the Queen Charlotte Islands
Part of the Canadian Civil War
Date 28 July 2010
Location Queen Charlotte Islands, British Colombia, Canada
Result decisive FCC victory
  • FCC takes control of the Queen Charlotte Islands
  • FCC safe haven established on the islands
  • RCAF begins bombing FCC targets on the islands
Flag DMKFree Canadian Coalition
  • Free Canadian Army
Flag of CanadaGovernment forces
  • Royal Canadian Mounted Police
Commanders and leaders
Flag DMKChristopher Porter Flag of CanadaSteven Blaney
50-80 militants 30-40 officers
Casualties and losses
3 killed, 6 wounded 5 killed, 4 wounded

At approximately 6:00 AM on 28 July 2010, FCC militants, disguised as civilians, began attacking RCMP officers on Queen Charlotte Island and took

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