Invasion of become independent States (Awgustоwsky putsh)
Date 21 August 1991-4 May 1992
Location Eastern Europe
Result Soviets win
Flag of the Soviet Union USSR

Flag of Transnistria (state) PMR
Flag of SFR Yugoslavia SFRY
Flag of the Republic of Macedonia 1992-1995 FYROM
Flag of Republika Srpska Srpska
State Flag of Serbian Krajina (1991) RSK
Flag of the Republic of Western Bosnia (1995) Western Bosnia

Flag of Estonia Estonia

Flag of Lithuania Lithuania
Flag of Latvia Latvia
Flag of Croatia Croatia
Flag of Slovenia Slovenia
Flag of Bosnia and Herzegovina (1992-1998) Bosnia and Herzegovina
Flag of Albania Kosova
Flag of Georgia (1990-2004).svg Georgia

Supported by:
Flag of NATO Nato
Flag of Europe EU

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