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The rising sun

In 1945, the U.S government realises that the atomic bomb is much too dangerous and inhumane. With the war seemingly ending and the Allies cornering the Japanese, all seemed well and they decide to go forward with a land invasion of Japan. However, they have no idea what lies waiting for them, as the Japanese have an entire country ready to fight until the last man and drive the enemy out of their homeland. America was about to walk into a nightmare.

Empire at war

Japan had unsuccessfully battled the Allied forces for six years, starting with complete victories to utter defeat. They had fought gallantly, however, now they had been driven all the way back to their homeland. But they were ready to fight to the last man to drive the enemy out of their country. In his pre-invasion speech, the Emperor vowed;

"The Americans think that they can beat us and drive us from our own homeland, but they are wrong. I vow to you, my people, that we will fight to the last imperial, we will crush the armies of our enemies and Japan will rise again!"

Japanese strength

Estimations were made, but the figure of the Imperial Japanese Army's strength was presumed five million soldiers and then also civilian resistance. The Japanese planned that every man, woman and child would begin Kamikaze attacks if obligated to do so. Kamikaze attacks proved to be very successful against the enemy in previous battles and so it would be strictly used for the defence of greater Japan, which meant that there would have to be irregular Japanese troops, but this did not lessen the mighty cause that they had. Heavy training began months before the invasion and by the eve of the invasion the entire country was united and strong, ready to crush the invaders.
767px-President Truman announces Japan 27s surrender

President Truman announcing the invasion of Japan


The Japanese High Command's plan was to drive the Allies toward the beach and back into the sea. Although this seemed like an unrealistic approach, this is indeed what happened. During the landings at Nagasaki, American troops were barely on their feet when incoming machine gunfire and artillery hit them hard on the beachhead. Twenty minutes into the battle, the first wave had suffered heavy casualties, with 1000 more wounded. With so many men, the U.S Marines were finally able to breach the defences, only to be met by Japanese Banzai soldiers, and soon a ditch-battle proceeded which successfully drove back enemy forces. The Japanese had come up with an ingenious idea: every time a soldier would fall, he would drop a grenade. They were pushed back into the sea and blood was full into the air of dead American soldiers. It was a complete disaster and marked the first defeat in the invasion of Japan. Elsewhere, similar battles in Japan were happening and it would not be long until Japan was able to make a complete breakthrough and recovery.

Casualties of war

Cheese is good

The aftermath of the Battle of Tokyo

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