Invasion of Ireland
Operation Target Dynamo
Battle of Shannon
Date 29 September- 16 November, 1985
Location Ireland
Result Costly Coalition victory
Consequences Treaty of Dublin
  • Ireland loses atomic weapons
  • Fall of Irish socalist government
Flag of Germany
Flag of France
France and Catalonia

Flag of Austria-Hungary (1869-1918)

Flag of Russia

Flag of Egypt

Nations giving economic aid:

North American Republic

Kingdom of Sardinia



Guyana Republic

Flag of Ireland
Irish Republic

Nations giving economic aid:

Kingdom of England and Scotland

Commanders and leaders

August Himmler

Bernd von Braun

Jean Moritz

Ferenc Istvan

Mohamed Bin Sayed

John O'Malley

Sir Victor Charing

Alfred Donnelly

1,428,000 648,000
Casualties and losses
379,000 244,000

The Invasion of Ireland, or Operation Target Dynamo was a short but deadly war fought in 1985.


Ireland was becoming an important regional power in the 1980s. They were allied with England and signed many treaties, often military ones. In 1983, Ireland developed an atomic bomb. The Irish socialist government (led by radical militants, aka terrorists) showed off its atomic weapons and threatened to use them if necessary. World powers feared independent Ireland would change the balance.

Buildup to war

Secret meetings held by the French and Germans discussed the possibility of invading ireland. This was the only time France and Germany sat at a table working together since the 1860s. Several countries agreed to invade Ireland, but only if the Irish atomic weapons could be "neutralized".

Coalition forces, (France, Germany, Austria and Russia) prepare troops for imminent fighting.

On September 27, French bombers blow up the Irish atomic weapons storage, causing lots of chaos and confusion.

The invasion

On the morning of September 29, 250,000 troops are landed by sea near several strategic areas. On September 30, 138,000 troops are parachuted into southern Ireland.

Battle of Galway

October 1: French troops blitzkrieg through Galway. Defenders have no time to defend the town. 16,000 Irish troops are captured.

Ireland map

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