Invasion of England
Battle of London
Date September 12, 1811 - April 23, 1812
Location Southern England
  • French Tatical and Military Victory
  • Southern England becomes an puppet state of France
  • Wales and Scotland join Ireland in the formation of the Celtic Alliance
  • Exile of the British Royal Family to Australia

Flag of the United Kingdom United Kingdom

Flag of France French Empire

Commanders and leaders
  • 100,000 men
  • 78 cannons
  • 450,292
  • 156 cannons
Casualties and losses
  • ?
  • ?

The Invasion of England (September 12, 1811 - April 23, 1812) was an military conflict between the United Kingdom and the French Empire. The fighting was only limtied to southern England, with Scottish, Irish, and Welsh rebels fighting guirella wars in Scotland, Ireland, and Wales. In France, the war is referred too as the "Power War", since both the great powers-Britain and France-were fighting over European dominance. In Oceania, it is referred to as the "Fall of Britain War", and in the rest of the world, it is simply known as the "Invasion of England". The war would cause over approxmately 500,000 lives and the collaspe of the British Empire, with British Canada being handed over to the United States, and the remainder of the British Empire handed over to France.

Course of the War

On September 12, 100,000 French soldiers landed across southern England on the first day of the invasion, and managed to catch the British army and defenses off guard. The British Army under the command of Duke of Wellington is mobilized and sent south toward the French-occupied areas.

On September 17, the French advance into southern England was stalled at the Battle of Hastings, and led to the retreat of the French back to the heavily defender beachfront. The French consolidated, and on September 26, reinforcements from France arrived, and led to the counterattack at the British, resulting in the Second Battle of Hastings, and led to the retreat of the Duke of Wellington.

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