Invasion of Cuba (World War III-1962)
Date October 27-November 5, 1962
Location Cuba
Result American victory; US forces occupy Cuba
  • Fidel Castro and Che Guevara go into exile
Flag of the United States United States Flag of Cuba Cuba
Commanders and leaders
 Flag of the United States John F. Kennedy

Flag of the United States Allen Dulles

Flag of the United States Robert MacNamara

 Flag of Cuba Fidel Castro

Flag of Cuba Che Guevara

Flag of Cuba Jose Ramon Fernandez

 300,000 ground forces
20 ships
128 aicraft

30,000 ground forces
6 ships
34 aircraft

Casualties and losses
936 killed
c. 1,200 wounded
8 aircraft destroyed, 3 damaged
1 ship sunk

c. 23,000 killed, wounded or captured
31 aicraft destroyed
5 ships sunk

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