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Stalin decides to focus the attention of the soviet people on the East. If they can not face the Germans yet, then maybe they can gain some much needed combat experience fighting in the East. Utilizing a convenient massacre of Chinese Communists to his advantage, Stalin declares war on Nationalist China.

Soviet troops pour over the border into Manchuria and Sinkiang, brushing aside the Chinese troops with large amounts of tanks and artillery. the Chinese begin pulling whatever they can west to stop the Soviets, but it is not enough, as the Soviet Air Force owns the sky, and bombs most of the columns that move to the front. The Chinese front collapses, and the Soviets make large gains.

Taking advantage of the weakened Chinese strength, and the Soviet invasion, the Japanese launch an offensive further into China. The Chinese are forced to fall back here as well, and the Japanese link up with the soviets in the northern area, creating a pocket of Nationalist troops. combined soviet and Japanese efforts reduce this pocket, destroying a significant portion of the chinese Nationalist army.

With the nationalist government facing the dual hammers of Russia and Japan, Chang Kai-Shek faces a tough decision. He can not continue this war. To do so would result in the loss of China, and the possibility of a communist regime being established. How will the war turn out next?

Clashes start a Russo-Japanese War

Sue for peace

International intervention from the west preserves part of China

Created by: Azecreth 19:36, October 11, 2011 (UTC)

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