Republic of Inuitia
Timeline: 1954-present
Flag of Keewatin (No Napoleon) No coa
Flag Coat of Arms
Inuitian map
Map depicting the location of Inuitia in green
Anthem "Glory to the North"
Capital Iqaluit
Largest city Iqaluit
  others English, French, other Inuit languages
Ethnic Group 96% Inuit, 4% other
Demonym Inuitian
Government Parliamentary Republic
Supreme Chief Peter Taptuna
Prime Minister George Kuksuk
Population 51, 000 
Independence from Canada
  declared 6 May, 1954
Currency Inuitian dollar
Inuitia, officially the Republic of Inuitia is a sovereign state in the most northern part of North America. Comprising of mostly Inuits, it gained independence in 1954 after the Inuitian War of Independence.

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