Northern Lights, Tromso

The northern lights just outside of the Inuit capital, Iqalut.

The Inuit are a series of First Nations tribes that inhabit the OTL Arctic. In the Arctic Empires timeline, the Inuit are a far more powerful confederacy rapidly turning into a major world power.

All this started when, due to a declaration of war between the two reigning Arctic powers, a polar exploration fled to avoid the conflict, leaving behind the ship Yorkhall. The Inuit found the Yorkhall and very valuable stuff inside, including a primitive steam engine and plans for an early zepellin. These technological advancements led to the Inuit turning into a serious power, growing in influence over enemy tribes to the south and expanding in size until they came to threaten even Svalbard and Russia, the current Arctic world powers. The Inuit are still expanding by the 1800s, and soon they may become the dominant Arctic superpower. Most of their history is now open, and anybody, from the highest ranking Wiki members to a Wikia contributor who hasn't edited anything is his or her life, you too can edit Arctic Empires.

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