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DD83 Vostochny Cosmodrome This 1983: Doomsday page is a Stub.

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Intervention in Madison / Wisconsin War
Mob Soldiers in Army Gear

July 21st, 1997


February 8th, 2001


Former Madison Metropolian Area


Dismantled of the mobs, installation of the Republic of Wisconsin


West Side Mob
Skull And Bones Mob
Hellraisers Mob
Other Minor Mobs

Flag of SuperiorSuperior
Flag of Madison, Wisconsin Republic of Wisconsin


Juan Cariango
Nicky Pollus
Webster "Mad Dog" McGraw
Ben Reese

Flag of SuperiorPresident O'Hara
Flag of SuperiorPresident Sarick
Flag of SuperiorGeneral Jack Yaeger


Est. 24,000


Casualties and Losses

Est. 5,000 Dead
Est. 13,000 Wounded

732 Dead
6,102 Wounded

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