Interstate 2 is an interstate freeway that exclusively serves the state of Cuba, stretching from Mantua near its western tip and running all the way to Guantanamo in Eastern Cuba. It is the only main interstate to exclusively run in one state and on an island. It is 790 miles long.

The I-2 begins in Mantua at the end of Cuban Highway 11 (CH-11) and passes through Pinar del Rio. It then continues on to Guanajay, where it intersects with the eastern end of CH-8, and east of there intersects with CH-8, the I-202 beltway around Havana, and east of Havana intersects CH-20, which goes northeast towards Matanzas. From there, I-2 turns southeast, heading through rural regions and passing along Zapata National Forest and Wildlife Preserve before turning straight east at the intersection with CH-6 towards Cienfuegos. It passes through Santa Clara, intersecting with beltway I-302, before heading south to Sancti Spiritus, where it intersects with I-402 towards Port Liberty before continuing east again to pass through several hundred miles of rural East Cuba before reaching Camaguey and later Las Tunas. There, I-2 intersects with I-602 and heads to Holguin before returning south, intersecting again with I-602 near Soriano Crossing. The freeway continues through San Luis (where it intersects I-802 towards Santiago) until it reaches Guantanamo, where it splits into the two directions of CH-88.

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