Interspacial Object Transportation (ISOT) is a Faster-Than-Light transportation method developed by the Zheronians, outfitted on major interstellar ships. In 1941, several Luftwaffe aircraft were given ISOT drives to warp into British cities in Operation Sealion, and later in Operation Barbarossa, in which ISOT-equipped planes were used against the Soviet Union.

In 1944, Zheronian Fleet Admiral Vor'Kloren gave several ISOT-equipped ships to the Greater German Reich, Italy, Japan, Spain, and Portugal, among other Fascist countries. These ships were used for transportation of goods across Earth, and to colonize Mars, Venus, and other planets. German scientist Wernher von Braun became especially interested in the workings of ISOT, recruiting several human scientists to help him study the concepts behind the technology.

Shortly after Human reception of ISOT, several ships from other parts of the Zheronian empire began arriving in the Sol system. Several Earth-based corporations were founded to facilitate trade with the other parts of the Empire, and ships, often human-made airships modified for space travel, including the Hindenburg, were launched from Earth.

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