Rules and Mission

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The Mission

This organisation exists to promote peace throughout the world, regulate the international industries and act as a military support group. Meetings may be called by any member. The organisation also aims to be independent of Japan, the USSR and the USA, but to take into consideration their respective idea's.

The Rules

  1. If a member nation is attacked you are obliged to defend them. However if you agree with why they are being attacked you may call a meeting.
  2. No nation shall extend their Territorial Waters or Land without the agreement of all member states, though you may make claims.
  3. Every issue will be voted on (Use spheres of influence and/or to determine NPO)
  4. No country is more important than any other.
  5. The town of Famjin, where our HQ is, is Shared Territory. It is subject to all member nations.
  6. No country will be insulting to another country. Present arguments in a logical, non-violent manner.
  7. If any nation is found guilty of breaking one of these laws they will be stripped of membership. First offence.


  • North Republic (David Rain (Sometimes...) (talk))
  • Denmark (NPO)
  • Netherlands (Inactive)
  • Sweden (NPO)
  • Norway (NPO)
  • Quebec (NPO)
  • People's Republic of Ireland (NPO)
  • Canada


Hungarian Aggression

North Republic: What should be done about the invasion of Romania by Hungary?

Canada: Invade Hungary? We have the military strength to do so (BTW Check your talk page)

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