International Union
International Union
Timeline: Lithuanian Russia
FlagoftheInternationalUnion(LR) СССР проект 8
Flag Coat of Arms
Capital Stockholm
Largest city Kiev
Other cities Copenhagen, Edinburg, Vladimir, Helsinki, Prague, Novgorod, Preshow, Lviv, Kaunas, Vilna.
Language None at the federal level. Swedish, German, Russian, Eastern Russian, Novgorodian, Scots, Danish, Norwegian, Czech, Slovak, Moldavian, Latvian, Estonian, Galician, Polish, Saami, English and Yiddish in republican level.
Religion Secular state
Government collectivist union of republics
Chairman of the People’s Council Knut Ericsson.
Chairman of the People’s Government
Established 1911
Currency 1 thaler = 100 groczes

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