International status is the amount of influence a Nation has. When you sign up, please add your nation in the logical space it would go.

Tier 10-Hyperpowers

  • None yet (similar to OTL USA in 21st century)

Tier 9-Superpowers

  • None yet (similar to OTL cold war USA and USSR)

Tier 8- Major world powers

  • USA
  • USSR
  • United Kingdom

Tier 7- Minor world powers

  • Japan
  • Italy

Tier 6-States that have Major influence in a continent/hemisphere

  • Loyal Nazi Germany (Dönitz)
  • Spain
  • Canada
  • South Africa
  • Brazil

Tier 5-States that have Minor influence in a continent/Hemisphere

  • Australia
  • China
  • Portugal

Tier 4- States that Have Major influence in a region

  • Egypt
  • Peru
  • Mexico

Tier 3- States that Have influence in the reigon around them

  • Arabia
  • Romania

Tier 2- States that Have some influence with the nations around them

  • Switzerland

Tier 1- States That do not influence, nor are influenced

  • Turkey

Tier 0- Vassals, Rebels, and States under Major influences of others

  • Malagasy Rebels
  • All German Rebel Factions

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