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A list of international relations in the No Napoleon timeline.



Foreign relations of France (No Napoleon)

French foreign relations




  • Anglo-Prussian Alliance – An alliance that had begun in 1788 between the Great Britain and Prussia, that had resulted after the Seven Years' War. The alliance later turned into the Triple Alliance of 1788 between Great Britain, Prussia and the Dutch Republic, that had expired when the Dutch Republic had transformed into the Batavian Republic.
  • Austro-Russian Alliance – An alliance that had begun in 1781 between the Austrian Empire and the Russian Empire. The alliance later became strained due to the Crimean War and conflicting interests in the Balkans.
  • Franco-Ottoman Alliance – One of the most important alliances that begun in 1536. The alliance had influenced the industrialization of the Ottoman Empire throughout the late 19th century.
  • Franco-Austrian Alliance
  • Triple Alliance – United Kingdom, Prussia and Russia
  • Triple Entente – France, Austria and the Ottoman Empire

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