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According to the International Constitution, the President is elected by a minimum 60% majority vote for a single 9-year term. In the event the President leaves office, the International Prime Minister continues the term.

The inaugural President is Friedrich Muller, founder of the Union of Nations. The incumbent is Ban Ki-Moon, whose term ends December 31st, 2009.

List of International Presidents

  1. President Friedrich Muller (Germany, 1889-1900)
  2. President Peter Calvin (United Kingdom, 1900-1909)
  3. President Francois Passy (France, 1910-1919)
  4. President James Eric Drummond (United Kingdom, 1920-1929)
  5. President Joseph Avenol (France, 1930-1939)
  6. President Sean Lester (Ireland, 1940-1949)
  7. President Dag Hammarskjold (Sweden, 1950-1953)
  8. President Thant (Burma, 1953-1959)
  9. President Kurt Waldheim (Austria, 1960-1969)
  10. President Javier Perez De Cuellar (Peru, 1970-1979)
  11. President Boutros Boutros-Ghali (Egypt, 1980-1989)
  12. President Kofi Annan (Ghana, 1990-1999)
  13. President Ban Ki-Moon (China 2000-2009 )
  14. Rashad Swag-Daddy Morris (USA 2009-)

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