The IOSD is a treaty organization/alliance in the Act of Ambition Map Game. Founded in March, 1947 with the Collective Defense Treaty, it is an organization devoted to forwarding the ambitions of its member states. It is headquartered in Madrid, but has offices in the capitals of all of its member states. Its main purpose is as a trade organization, but it also provides security commitments and aids funding to members.

Member States

Founding Members:

  • Italy
  • Spain


  • Romania
  • Finland


  • All member states are required to maintain GDP expenditure of at least 2% on defense.
  • In the case of an attack on a member state, a majority vote will take place to determine the IOSD's response.
  • Trade between members should be at a reduced rate of import tax and tariffs.

1st Meeting of the IOSD: The Bucharest Conference

It is July,1948. In Bucharest, the capital of Romania, the leaders of the IOSD meet to decide on the fate of Nazi Germany...

Spain: We propose the immediate invasion of German territory after their heinous war crimes, such as the unprovoked execution of our innocent terrorists.

Romania: We agree.

Italy: We agree profusely.

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