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(IN) : International League of Nations

(RU) : Международная Лига Наций

(FR) : Ligue Internationale des Nations

(PO) : Liga Internacional das Nações

(ES) : Liga Internacional de las Naciones

(AR) : الرابطة الدولية للأمم

(ZR) : 國國際聯盟

Timeline: Great Nuclear War
International League Flag GNW.jpg International League COA GNW.png
Flag of the International League Coat of arms
Administrative centerChaguaramas, West Indies Federation

The International League of Nations (ILoNILN), often shortened to the International League (IL) is an intergovernmental organisation formed in 2002 to replace the former United Nations, which was destroyed in the Great Nuclear War, which itself was formed to replace the original League of Nations which failed to prevent the Second World War. Founded with the main purposes to promote worldwide security and peace, while spreading the ideals of democracy and freedom.


The idea of a international league who substituted the old United Nation was given at Pierre Béreégovoy, prime minister of France in 92, in a meeting with his British counterpart; Nicholas Soames and with the Soviet Prime Minister; Boris Yeltsin, together the head of government of the most great nations in the world decide that the best way of rebuild the old world it would with a international league who would created a global community of nations leaving in peace, the disarm of nuclear weapons and resolve of disputes without the use of violence, but this was project and the structure, the new name and other things was to be decided, it was also to be decided where located the HQ of this new organization.

In the same year, in an other meeting but this time with the USP president, it was decide what name give at the new International organization, how it will be structured and where will he his HQ, for the name it was decided at the unanimity the name; International League of Nations, the four leaders have avoided of use the name New United Nations, as for many it have fail at preserve the world from a nuclear holocaust, so they use the name of the old League of Nations, even if this failed to avoided a war, but the use of the old name combined with the International word would avoided problems with the name. 

It was also discuss where will be located the HQ of the ILON, France and UK thinking that Geneva would be a good option, but the USSR and the USP decide that it was more best if the ILON would be located in the Federation of the West Indies, at the end the idea of located the HQ in the West Indies succeed for various motivations.

For his structure it was decide that will be fallow a similar UN structure with a Security Council formed by USP, USSR, United Kingdom, Taiwan and France, plus other 5 countries chosen from each continent; Europe, Africa, Asia, America and Oceania voted for every 5 years, with the presence of a General Secretary elected by the Security Council and by the General Assembly,  a statue who will explained the principal points and goal of the IL, and a general assembly composed by all the states member of the ILON and with two member per state.

For a state to be accepted in the LION it needs :

  • Be recognized as a sovereign country fellow the definition of statehood and this means ;
  1. Permanent population.
  2. A defined territory.
  3. Government.
  4. The capacity to enter into relations with the other states.
  • Membership in the IL is open to all peace-loving states which accept the obligations contained in the present Charter and, in the judgment of the Organization, are able and willing to carry out these obligations.
  • The admission of any such state to membership in the IL will be effected by a decision of the General Assembly upon the recommendation of the Security Council.
  • Don't have committed genocide or crime again the humanity during his existence


After have decide the structure and the statute of the ILON it was decide of set up the foundation day of the IL for the 28th October of the 2002, in the city of Chaguaramas, with the presence of the President of the West Indies, the most famous leader of state and government around the world, many journalist and many broadcasters around the world.

After the cerimony it was say a few speech in the general assembly by various head of state and by the Pope, most of they have say that this League will bring prosperity and hope at the world and stability to the world, and others have suggest that the people who have cause the war of being processed as criminals, but event with this the opening speechs of the IL was doing well.

The 1st General Secretary of the League was Kofi Annan, a African politican, became the first African at be elected as secretary of the IL and of the ex-UN, during his mandate many countries, especially that in the mainland US and Russia have join at the League, Annan have also resolve many dispute, such as that between Portugal and Angola or others, he was secretary until his resign in the 2010, as his successor was elected Javier Pérez de Cuéllar Guerra, a ex-ambassador for the Perù, during his mandate more nations are discovered in the intern part of the US and more peacekeeper force are dislocated there for discover, study and help the local population and recover any technology or cultural presence.

Regional Headquaters

In the years after the foundation of the IL several regional HQs was build and created in various part of the world, here a full list of it :

Europe :

  • Dublin, Ireland (Competence over North Europe)
  • Paris, France (Competence over Western Europe)
  • Palermo, Sicily (Competence over the Mediterrean)
  • Genevre, Switzerland (Competence over Central Europe and head of the others HQ)
  • Rostov on Don, Russian Republic (Competence over the European Russia)
  • Prague, Czechslovakia (Competence over East Europe)

Africa :

  • Tunisi, Tunisia (Competence over North Africa)
  • Addis Abeba, Ethiopia (Competence over the Horn of Africa and head of the others HQ)
  • Nairobi, EAF (Competence over East Africa)
  • Cape City, South Africa (Competence over South Africa)
  • Dakar, Nigeria (Competence over East Africa)
  • Elizabethville, Katanga (Competence over Central Africa)

Asia :

  • Jerusalem, Israel (Competence over West Asia)
  • New Delhi, India (Competence over South Asia)
  • Kuala Lampur, Malaysia (Competence over South-east Asia and head of the others HQ)
  • Osaka, Japan (Competence over East Asia)
  • New Taipei, Republic of China (Competence over China)
  • Astana, USSR (Competence over Central Asia)
  • Canderra, Australia (Competence over Oceania)
  • Novisibirsk, USSR (Competence over North Asia)

North America :

  • Anchorage, USP (Competence over Alaska and West Canada)
  • Sacramento, California (Competence on the Pacific Region of the USA)
  • Corpus Christi, Texas (Competence over the Dixie region of the USA and head of the others HQ)
  • Montpelier, Vermont (Competence over the New England region of the USA)
  • Richmond, Virgina (Competence over the Mid Atlantic Region of the USA)

Central America :

  • Mexico City, Mexico

Carabbiean :

  • Kingston, WEF

South America :

  • Rio de Janerio, Brazil

​Security Council

The Security Council is composed as the 2017 by :

  • Permanent members :
    1. Republic of China
    2. Republic of France
    3. ​United Kingdom of England, Wales, Scotland and Mann Island
    4. ​Union of Soviet Socialist Republics
    5. ​United States of the Pacific
  • ​Europe :
    1. Republic of Abkhazia
    2. Republic of Croatia
    3. Republic of Finland
    4. ​German Democratic Republic
    5. Socialist Federal ​Republic of Yugoslavia
  • ​Africa :
    1. Federal Republic of Canaries and Pais del Oro
    2. ​East African Federation
    3. Dominion of Gambia
    4. ​Republic of Katanga
    5. ​Republic of Namibia
  • ​Asia :
    1. Islamic Republic of Iran
    2. Republic of India
    3. ​Monarchy of Saudi Arabia
    4. Empire of Japan
    5. ​United Arab Republic
  • ​Oceania :
    1. ​Commonwealth of Australia
    2. ​Republic of Fiji
    3. Independent State of Papua New Guinea
    4. ​Kingdom of Tonga
    5. ​Commonwealth of New Zealand
  • America :
    1. ​Republic of Argentina
    2. Republic of Brazil
    3. Dominion of Canada
    4. ​Republic of Cuba
    5. ​Republic of El Salvador

Member States

  • Flag of Abkhazia Abkhazia
  • Flag of Acadiana Acadiana
  • Flag of Afghanistan Afghanistan
  • Flag of Albania Albania
  • Flag of Algeria Algeria
  • Flag of Andorra Andorra
  • Flag of Angola Angola
  • Flag of Argentina Argentina
  • Flag of Armenia Armenia
  • Flag of Arkhangelsk Oblast Archangel
  • Flag of Austria Austria
  • Flag of Australia Australia
  • Flag of Azerbaijan Azerbaijan
  • Flag of Bangladesh Bangladesh
  • Flag of Belarus (1918, 1991-1995) Belarus
  • Flag of Belgium Belgium
  • Flag of Benin Benin
  • Flag of Bhutan Bhutan
  • Flag of Biafra Biafra
  • Flag of Bolivia Bolivia
  • Flag of Bosnia and Herzegovina (1992-1998) Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Flag of Botswana Botswana
  • Flag of Brazil Brazil
  • Flag of Brunei Brunei
  • Flag of Bulgaria Bulgaria
  • Flag of Burkina Faso Burkina Faso
  • Flag of California California
  • Flag of Canada Canada
  • Flag of the Canary Islands (simple) Canaries and Pais del Oro
  • Flag of Cambodia Cambodia
  • Flag of Cameroon Cameroon
  • Flag of the Central African Republic Central African Republic
  • Flag of Chad Chad
  • Flag of Chile Chile
  • Flag of the People's Republic of China People's Republic of China
  • Flag of Colombia Colombia
  • Flag of the Republic of the Congo Congo
  • Flag of Costa Rica Costa Rica
  • Flag of Croatia Croatia
  • Flag of Cuba Cuba
  • Flag of the Czech Republic Czechoslovakia
  • Flag of Denmark Denmark
  • Flag of Djibouti Djibouti
  • Flag of the West Indies Federation East Indies Federation
  • Flag of East African Federation East African Federation
  • Flag of Ethiopia Ethiopia
  • Flag of Ecuador Ecuador
  • Flag of Egypt Egypt
  • Flag of El Salvador El Salvador
  • Flag of Equatorial Guinea Equatorial Guinea
  • Flag of Estonia Estonia
  • Flag of Fiji Fiji
  • Flag of Finland Finland
  • Flag of Florida Florida
  • Flag of France France
  • Flag of Gabon Gabon
  • Flag of The Gambia Gambia
  • Flag of Georgia Georgia
  • Flag of Germany Federal Republic of Germany
  • Flag of East Germany German Democratic Republic
  • Flag of Ghana Ghana
  • Flag of Greece Greece
  • Flag of Guatemala Guatemala
  • Flag of Guinea Guinea
  • Flag of Guinea-Bissau Guinea-Bissau
  • Flag of Honduras Honduras
  • Flag of Hungary Hungary
  • Flag of Iceland Iceland
  • Flag of Indonesia Indonesia
  • Flag of Iran Iran
  • Flag of Ireland Ireland
  • Flag of Israel Israel
  • Flag of Italy Italian Republic
  • Flag of Côte d'Ivoire Ivory Coast
  • Flag of Japan Japan
  • Flag of Jordan Jordan
  • KarelianNationalFlag Karelia
  • Flag of Katanga Katanga
  • Flag of Kiribati Kiribati
  • Flag of South Korea Korea
  • Flag of Kurdistan Kurdistan
  • Flag of Kuwait Kuwait
  • Flag of Latvia Latvia
  • Flag of Laos Laos
  • Flag of Lebanon Lebanon
  • Flag of Lesotho Lesotho
  • Flag of Liberia Liberia
  • Flag of Libya (1977-2011) Libya
  • Flag of Liechtenstein Liechtenstein
  • Flag of Lithuania Lithuania
  • Flag of Luxembourg Luxembourg
  • Flag of Madagascar Madagascar
  • Flag of Malaysia Malaysia
  • Flag of Malawi Malawi
  • Flag of Maldives Maldives
  • Flag of Mali Mali
  • Flag of Malta Malta
  • Flag of Massachusetts Massachusetts
  • Flag of Mauritania Mauritania
  • Flag of Mauritius Mauritius
  • Flag of Mexico Mexico
  • Flag of Morocco Morocco
  • Flag of Mozambique Mozambique
  • Flag of Myanmar Myanmar
  • Flag of Monaco Monaco
  • Flag of Ecuador Ecuador
  • Flag of Namibia Namibia
  • Flag of Nepal Nepal
  • Flag of the Netherlands Netherlands Antilles 
  • Flag of New Zealand New Zealand
  • Flag of Niger Niger
  • Flag of Nigeria Nigeria
  • Newfoundland Tricolour Newfoundland and Labrador
  • Flag of Nicaragua Nicaragua
  • Flag of Norway Norway
  • Flag of Nova Scotia Nova Scotia
  • Flag of Veliky Novgorod Novgorod
  • Flag of Pakistan Pakistan
  • Flag of Palestine Palestine
  • Flag of Papua New Guinea Papua New Guinea
  • Flag of Paraguay Paraguay
  • Flag of the Philippines Philippines
  • Flag of Peru Peru
  • Flag of Puerto Rico Puerto Rico
  • Flag of Puntland Puntland
  • Flag of Poland Poland
  • Flag of Portugal Portugal
  • Flag of Romania Romania
  • Flag of the Republic of the Rif Rif Republic
  • Flag of Russia Russian Republic
  • Flag of San Marino San Marino
  • Flag of Sao Tome and Principe Sao Tome and Principe
  • Flag of Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia
  • Flag of Senegal Senegal
  • Flag of Seychelles Seychelles
  • Flag of Sierra Leone Sierra Leone
  • Flag of Singapore Singapore
  • Flag of Slovenia Slovenia
  • Flag of South Africa South Africa
  • Flag of the Republic of South Italy (GNW) South Italy
  • Flag of Somalia Somalia
  • Flag of Somaliland Somaliland
  • Flag of the Soviet Union Soviet Union
  • Flag of Sudan Sudan
  • Flag of Spain Spain
  • Flag of Sri Lanka Sri Lanka
  • Flag of Swaziland Swaziland
  • Flag of Sweden Sweden
  • Flag of Switzerland Switzerland
  • Flag of Texas Texas
  • Flag of Thailand Thailand
  • Flag of Tibet Tibet
  • Flag of Tonga Tonga
  • Flag of Tunisia Tunisia
  • Flag of Turkey Turkey
  • Flag of Tuvalu Tuvalu
  • Flag of Ukraine Ukraine
  • Flag of Syria United Arab Republic
  • US flag with 21 stars by Hellerick United States of America
  • Flag of the Republic of China United States of China
  • Flag of the United States of the Virgin Isles United States of Virgin Islands
  • Flag of the United Kingdom United Kingdom
  • Kokbayraq flag Uyghur Islamic Republic
  • Flag of Uruguay Uruguay
  • Flag of the Vatican City Vatican State
  • Flag of Vanuatu Vanuatu
  • Flag of Venezuela Venezuela
  • Flag of Vietnam Vietnam
  • Flag of Wallonia Wallonia
  • Flag of SFR Yugoslavia Yugoslavia
  • Flag of Zambia Zambia
  • Flag of Zimbabwe Rhodesia Zimbabwe


These countries have either been expressively excluded from League Membership by any means until further notice for a variety of reasons, e.g. sparking a war, brutal dictatorship government or unsolved territorial disputes, or declined joining :

  • Tamil eelam flag Tamil Nadu - Accused to be a terrorist nation due to the various attacks again India and Sri Lanka.
  • Original Sikh Flag Punjab - Non application as the 2017.
  • Flag of the Islamic Courts Union Islamic Courts of Somalia - Pariah state with the goal of create a only Muslim state in Somalia and generally in the horn of Africa, terrorist state part of the global terrorism.
  • Flag of Maine Maine - No application as 2017.
  • Flag of the Vermont Republic Vermont - No application as 2017.

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