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North America


South America


Article 1

Duties of Members

  • All signatory member states shall aid other nations regardless of membership in times of strife.
  • All members shall attempt to limit the ecological impact they have on planet earth
  • The Sovereignty of Nations recognized by the IFN and its members will not be infringed upon. Even in the case of a minor-moderate conflict.
  • All member nations that maintain major disputes with another but pursue all Diplomatic possibilities before resorting to any type of aggression

Article 2

Weapons of Mass Destruction

  • Usage of Weapons of Mass Destruction is banned
  • Member nations may research into peaceful nuclear programs
  • Nations with remaining stockpiles of Chemical Weapons and Biological Weaponry shall announce their stockpile and turn them over to the IFN for disposal
  • Conventional weapons developed into heavier typed weapons such as the Daisy Cutter or a large highly explosive weapon designed for mass destruction are allowed due to their situation as conventional weapons and hence not part of the WMD triad. Any attempt at monitoring these would also be seen as a infringement on a nations sovereignty.

Article 3


  • The International Federation of Nations may form am international peacekeeper force of up to 50,000 in peacetime and as many as deemed necessary at times of war made up of a mixture of Volunteers Worldwide and Military forces donated by Member nations.
  • All member nations able to are responsible for the upkeep and manning of this group
  • Officially Neutral nations who have followed neutrality for at least five to ten years unless invaded may be exempt from the above obligation
  • The IFN will have 1-3 temporary members on the IFNSC (Security Council) which will considered and changed out every five years.
  • The Peacekeepers are not allowed to enter a member nation without consensus from the nation, or a two-thirds majority vote in favor. All interventions in non-members must be put to a vote. 
  • The IFN is allowed the Equipment and Vehicles of all types except Capital Warships (which can not possibly be maintained) to equip their Volunteer peacekeepers.
  • Capital Warships such as a Carriers, Battleships, or Battlecruisers will be donated to the IFN in times of Great emergency only and their destruction means the cost of the warship as well as family compensation must be paid out to help the families, and Rebuild the lost vessel.

Article 4

Trade, Global Economy, and Global economic stability.

  • The World Trade Organization shall be formed and will monitor tariffs, embargoes and other economic issues. It is an obligation towards joining the organization and a nation have three to five years to open up trade to the WTO.
  • The World Bank will be formed with two separate reserve currencies; the Brazilian Real R$ and the Commonwealth Dollar C$. 
  • The currencies will be the more widely accepted currency worldwide to be used for major business transactions and will be held by many governments to help with economic progress as well by avoiding foreign exchange costs, lower commodity prices, and in return friendlier business opportunity, ability to run a deeper trade deficit without a crisis, as well as purchasing Commodities as a much lower price as a result.
  • The reserve currency will be evaluated at the world's most stable monetary system with the Brazilian Real and Commonwealth Dollar as the worlds two strongest currencies as of 1968 and every five to ten years (the switch may happen anywhere between those five to ten years as well) a switch will be made to prevent Economic collapse or continued/developing economic and fiscal crises in the nation.
  • The Economies and strength of each nations currency will be evaluated 1 year prior to the switch to determine their ability to assume status as Reserve currency
  • The amount of a reserve currency that is held by each nation must be directly and closely monitored to prevent mass economic collapse when a switch occurs. The previous holder of the Reserve Currency Status will help finance and facilitate the switch to the second currency
  • Other nations will be allowed to take the Mantle if their currency is deemed strong enough, and is not depreciated heavily against the current world currency. This will majority only be done on a vote, in which one of the nations lacks the ability to assume their duty. The nation must be nominated by another nation, it cannot nominate itself, One of the core nations which supports reserve currency must  be unable to assume its position or must have requested a term away.
  • The voted nation will only be the reserve currency for a single term while the other core nations work their economies and fiscal systems back up to speed.
  • If requested and another nation has the ability, the plurality of nations can in fact be switched via a nomination and vote system. Example: the SAF Requests to no longer be one of the two contributors to the Reserve Currency. A nation such as the Greater Korean Republic on the condition its fical and economic situation is sound can be nominated and voted in by the IFN to take the mantle of one of the Core reserve currency holders.





The SAF Requests that the WMD's by their nature refer to Weapons such as:

  • Intentional nuclear weaponry in the form of bombs, missiles, artillery and any other form.
  • Biological agents of any sorts which can be used in the instrument of mass death via infection or pathogen or any of the sort
  • Chemical weaponry agents such as the experimental fast killing weapons dropped from aircraft, mustard gas among other of the weaponized gasses and chemical agents should in fact be disposed of by the host country and not the IFN bit the disposal will be under Heavy IFN supervision.
  • Highly explosive weapons such as the BLU-82 bomb and any successive heavy weapon previously used by the United States cannot be covered under this treaty as they are non chemical, non-nuclear, non-biological, and are classified as highly fragmentive/highly explosive ordinance. While not Technically a WMD, it is still considered a weapon which can in fact cause that kind and level of Damage. However due to its nature and the fact the IFN cannot oversee every aspect of a nations military infrastructure due to cost issues, privacy issues, and intellectual property issues the SAF requests that the IFN leave these types of ordinances out to prevent any unnecessary and undue intrusion on a nation's right and ability to field a modern military with that level of equipment. 

Member Duties:

  • Nations which are suffering from economic issues that don't amount to a crisis can not and should not be forced to provide for a nation which is similarly suffering due to that fact that the nation providing is further damaging itself if it provides economic aid.
  • The ecological impact must be monitored but we must also reclaim as much of the Northern Hemisphere as possible to prevent further setting of Radiation.

 Security Council Members/Peacekeepers:

  • The SAF also requests that all permanent members as well as one-to-three temporary members be put on the Security Council which is in charge of the Peacekeeping operations Worldwide. This allows for a ruling body to work on how the peacekeepers are deployed globally.
  • The SAF also requests that the Peacekeepers are made a Volunteer organization as well, with any civilians or other people that join as part of the peacekeepers and are not donated but rather volunteers from various nations. Training/funding will come from all economically able nations of the IFN. This volunteer force with be maintained at 20,000 with the allowances up to 50,000 so as to replace the need for many nations to provide mass amounts of manpower. 
  • The IFN is allowed the equipment and vehicles of all types except warships (which can not possibly be maintained) to equip their volunteer peacekeepers.
  • The Peacekeepers are not allowed to enter a member nation without consensus from the nation, or a two-thirds majority vote in favor. All interventions in non-members must be put to a vote. 

If anyone has any other suggestions please post them so we can expand the charter among other things.

Commonwealth of Oceania:

Security Council Members/Peacekeepers:

  • The Commonwealth of Oceania proposes that several nations designate certain warships for peacekeeper missions. The ships will remain under their respective control, but will provide the sea power for moving overseas.

Greater Korean Republic: For monetary policy we suggest that each nation devotes a small percentage of their tax income into the World Bank for a reserve currency, International Credits (ICs) which are equivalent to USD but will not go up and down in value until there is an economic collapse. When an economic collapse happens ICs shall fuel the world market once again. 

SAF: The US dollar currently non existant. As a major powerhouse economy that currently fuels world trade through its oil industry, feeds many nations through its agricultural trade, and has an expanding industrial sector compared to other nations. We propose that with our very stable currency, population advantage, and industrial capabilities (including oil) will be the world reserve currency. We also recommend Oceania's currency for its stability as another reserve currency so if one nation's currency fails or its economy takes a hit another currency system can be switched to one or the other during that time of crisis. So in short, both the Brazilian Real, and the Oceanian Dollar will be reserve currencies switching off ever five or ten years (whichever people prefer.)

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