International Executive
Exécutif International
Excutive International Logo.png
The most common emblem of the executive
International Executive Membership Map (A Cautious Decision).png
Abbreviation IE
Motto Freedom, Peace, Prosperity!
Formation August 16, 1918
Purpose/focus "To provide an easy pathway for the international co-operation of nation-states"
Headquarters Paris, France
Membership 178 Member states
Official languages French (Lingua franca)
General-Executive Corneille Lesauvage
Deputy-Executive Mairtín Hanigan
Affiliations Intervention Council
Website www.exé

The International Executive (IE; French: Exécutif International; EI) is an international organization whose main aim is to facilitate international co-operation, promote peace, social progress, economic growth, human and civil rights and security. Founded following the World War (1914-1917), it has expanded on its original goal of international security between the world's "global powers", to a the more broader issue of human freedom and progress. It has a largely centralised system of government.