State Stateflag Party Partyflag
France (before 1940) Flag of France Democratic Republican Alliance 100px
french government in exile (from 1940)
China (before 1949) Flag of the Republic of China Kuomintang Naval Jack of the Republic of China
Taiwan (from 1940)
USA (before 1945) US flag with 48 stars by Hellerick Democratic Party 100px
USA government in exile (from 1945) Republican Party Republicanlogo
United Kingdom Flag of the United Kingdom Labour Party (from 1936 associated) 100px
Israel Flag of Israel Lehi (1948-1951) Lehi
Republic of Afghanistan Afghan 12 National Revolutionary Party of Afghanistan Emblem of the Republic of Khorasan (No Muhammad)
Colombia Flag of Colombia National Popular Alliance
Russian Provisional Government Flag of Russia Constitutional Democratic Party
Cuba Flag of Cuba PLC