This is the page for the Court of Justice of the United Nations, made to try nations. It is separate from the Security Council, but can request military action from the Security Council.

International Court of Justice Judges

Name Position Term Began Term End
Isidro Fabela Avar Flag of the Myan Republic Mayan Republic Member 1948  ?
Rafael Nieto Abeillé Flag of Cuba Cuba Member 1948  ?
Wim van-Roos Flag of the Netherlands Netherlands Member 1948  ?
Sandro Pertini Flag of Italy (1861-1946) Italy Member 1949  ?
Bohdan Winiarski Flag of Poland Poland Member 1948  ?
Levi Carneiro Flag of Brazil Brazil Member 1948  ?
Benegal Rama Rau India UK Flag Hindustan Member 1948  ?
Green Hackworth Flag of the United States United States President 1948  ?
Sergei Krylov Flag of the Soviet Union Soviet Union Vice-President 1948  ?
Milovan Zoričić Flag of the Kingdom of Yugoslavia Yugoslavia Member 1948  ?
Jules Basdevant Flag of France France Member 1948  ?
Arnold McNair, 1st Baron McNair Flag of the United Kingdom Great Britain Member 1948  ?
Helge Klæstad Flag of Norway Norway Member 1948  ?
Hsu Mo Flag of Republic of China (World of the Rising Sun) China Member 1948  ?
Kotaro Tanaka Naval Ensign of Japan Japan Member 1948 ?

Past ICJ Cases

International Court of Justice Case 1: China/Hindustan/Japan vs. UN

Japan China India Flag Won by China/Hindustan/Japan

International Court of Justice Case 2: Who owns Guayana Esequiba!

Flag of Venezuela Won by Venezuela

Internation Court of Justice Case 3: (Stop the War Asian Front)

India UK Flag Won by Hindustan

International Court Justice Case 4: The United States of America's invasion of Mexico is a violation of the UN resolution

Begun by Japan. This case is a plain and flagrant violation of the UN resolution and the United States should withdraw its forces from all of the Japanese Mexico Territory, including but not limited to, the Baja California and Baja California Sur.


Naval Ensign of Japan Japanese favour


Naval Ensign of Japan Japan

India UK Flag Hindustan

Flag of Cuba UCSR



Flag of the Soviet Union Soviet Union

Flag of the United States United States


Flag of the Kingdom of Yugoslavia Yugoslavia

Flag of Ireland Ireland

Mayan Flag Mayan Republic


Flag of the Soviet Union Soviet Union: you two are at war. How you expected him to not invade territory that he could reach is beyond me.

Naval Ensign of Japan Japan: There was never an official declaration of war. Thus we ain't at war.

Flag of Italy (1861-1946) Italy: Italy proposes that all foreign nations withdraw from Mexico. immediately.

Flag of the United States United States: If it is passed, we will veto it.

Flag of Cuba Cuba: You agreed to leave Mexico decades ago. You are in violation of the UN resolution. You both should leave Mexico NOW. These capitalist pigs want it for their own gain and industry. They don't care about the people of Mexico!

Flag of the United States United States: Then why don't you leave?

Flag of Cuba Cuba: We did.

Flag of Venezuela Venezuela: We left our client state (the Mayan Republic) about 8-10 years ago.

Mayan Flag The Mayan Republic gained independence from Mexico and Venezuela in 1947.

International Court of Justice 5: Stop Unprovoked attacks!!

India UK Flag Hindustan. Stop the war of Russia and Britain with Russia keeping Kurdistan which the British keeping the territory they had before they attacked the British unprovoked. The British will give a bit of Iraqi territory but will keep major cities.




Flag of Argentina Argentina: Not a member but pledges support anyway. Sevestron [T][AvA] 09:47, October 5, 2011 (UTC)

Flag of the United Kingdom UASR

India UK Flag Hindustan

Naval Ensign of Japan Japan

Flag of the Kingdom of Yugoslavia Yugoslavia


Flag of the Soviet Union Soviet Union

Flag of Italy (1861-1946) Italy


Mayan Flag Mayan Republic


Flag of the United StatesUnited States

can't veto in the ICJ


India UK Flag Hindustani Victory after talks with the Soviet Union


Flag of the Soviet Union Soviet Union: Our actions are perfectly legal. A peace agreement was never reached between the USSR and the UASR. It is within our right to attack our enemy anywhere we can. And were attacked the British because they were part of the Eurasian Powers. We were at war with other members of the Eurasian Powers. Therefore, we assumed we were at war with Britain. This is how alliances work, is it not?

Flag of the United Kingdom It would, however, many a efforts were made to make peace agreements with you but you never listened. That is why this step was necessary.

Flag of the Soviet Union Soviet Union Please, refresh our memory. we see no peace offers on the Diplomacy page. We see no peace offers on the main talk page, we don't see any on the main page itself. So if any offers were made, we must have missed them entirely. Please, point them out to us.

Flag of Italy (1861-1946) Italy: You are pretty hypocritical by suggesting this, Hindustan. The Hindustani and British governments have, after all, imperialised over Iran, Afghanistan, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Oman, the Trucial States, Madagascar, Mozambique, Portuguese Angola, Belgian Congo, and most recently, the Kurdistan and Turkey you claim as your own. This is also senseless, since all of your "improve their infrastructure" ideas have no sense.

India UK Flag Well, isn't Soviet Russia being hypocritical as well? They could have just asked Britain for Kurdish territories and that would have been it. No attack.

Flag of the United Kingdom What about your talk page? You can have Kurdistan, we keep the rest of Iraq, how does that sound? BTW, you can't veto this, we are a member of the Permanent security council.

Flag of the Soviet Union That isn't how it works. All the SC members have to agree. If one person vetoes it, then it fails. You cannot block a Permanent security council members veto.

Flag of the United Kingdom But that would just be bossing around by the US. I think we should change it so that if a majority (three perms) agree to veto it, then it is vetoed. Isn't that how true democracy works? Even if the US veto's this proposal, do you agree to the above proposal as it is being fair to both parties?

Flag of Italy (1861-1946) Italy: doesn't work like that. If it was changed to that, then an attack to a SC council could be passed easily. If three of five agree to veto, then it wouldn't pass in the first place. And you're being hypocritical, Hindustan, because you invaded the colonial territories and then criticized the Soviets for doing the exact same thing.

Flag of the United States United States: Well, we have two other perm SC members against it anyways . . .

Flag of Ireland Ireland wants all fighting to end.

Flag of Spain Spain agrees with Ireland.

Flag of the United Kingdom This is a pretty good proposal for Russia, would they be against this??

Mayan Flag The Mayan Republic thinks scrapping the power to Veto as a whole would be best.

Cuba: Giving the USA the power to veto is as good as not having a UN. We would never get anything done. They will veto anything that's bad for those greedy capitalist businesspeople.

Flag of Italy (1861-1946) Italy: If you pass an idea for ending the veto, we'll veto it. See the irony? Actually, removing the veto will remove everything special from the permanent SC.

Cuba: This is why the SC shouldn't be around. It gives too much power to nations that like to bully other nations. The UN needs to be equal; everyone needs to have the same capabilities if this congress is to suceed.

India UK Flag Hindustan: This Case is officially closed.

AvAr Neo- Bolivar Union flag Venezuela would like to point out that is easier to open and close cases in a military system and that the UN's real failing is the excessive use of "indecisive and long-winded civilian politics".