International Court of Justice Case 1: China/Hindustan/Japan vs. UN

China, Hindustan and many other nations are protesting at the European and Western domination of the UN, in particular the Security Council. China and Hindustan demand at least one seat on the Security Councils Permanent Group with veto powers. These believe less powerful nations like Italy should not have been granted seats.


India UK Flag Hindustani/Flag of Republic of China (World of the Rising Sun)Chinese/Naval Ensign of JapanJapanese favour

China shall be granted a permanent seat in the UN.

China/Hindustan Supporters

  • Naval Ensign of Japan Japan
  • Flag of Republic of China (World of the Rising Sun) China
  • India UK Flag Hindustan
  • Flag of Brazil Brazil
  • Flag of the Kingdom of Yugoslavia Yugoslavia

UN Supporters

  • 800px-Flag of Italy (1861-1946) Italy: Will veto the enactment of the law if it happens to pass.
  • Flag of France France
  • Flag of the Netherlands Netherlands


  • Flag of the United States United States
  • Flag of the United Kingdom Great Britain
  • Flag of Venezuela Venezuela
  • Mayan Flag Mayan Republic


800px-Flag of Italy (1861-1946) Italy: Just because we don't have as large a population as you it does not mean we are not more powerful. Italy will veto the enactment of this rule unless the threat is lifted. However, we will agree if Italy's seat in the SC is maintained.

Flag of the United States United States: First point: China, Japan, Hindustan, if you leave the UN, it would be probably not be very beneficial for you. I mean, you can’t vote on resolutions, ICJ cases, etc. Also, Italy, you can’t veto ICJ court cases on yourself. If it was on some other nation (China), then you could veto, but since this is directly on you and the rest of the Security Council, you can’t veto. I know, I’m new to this thing too, talk to me all of you if you guys have suggestions. Also, please have a right format. I have to take several minutes fixing format, putting spaces, changing 23px to 30px, adding borders, bullet points, etc. Finally, ICJ cases are available to only nations with Judges in the ICJ. Japan has no judges, and neither does Italy. I will use, biased towards their intentions, for the non-players. Questions? And also, Viva la Vida is the best song in the world.

Flag of the Kingdom of Yugoslavia Yugoslavia: I see the point of both side. I suggest that we have one each from North and South America, two from Europe, and one or two from Asia since Africa is mainly colonies as well as Australia and Pacific Islanders.

Flag of the United States United States: How about we have a compromise and enlarge the perm-Sec Council to 5? That's how it is in OTL.

Flag of the Kingdom of Yugoslavia Yugoslavia: Sounds fair to me. I don't thing we will hear the end of this until an Asian nation get on the perm-sec council (besides Russia).

Flag of the United States United States: Well, Italy had a heck bigger population than you, and contrary to your thoughts, much more industrial capability.

SUMA flag variant 1 Finland (SUMA - this includes Norway, BTW, but I can't control certain foreign affairs until it's a confed.): The SUMA disagrees to Italy being Perm member without a Scandinavian nation being a perm member. The Scandinavians do not understand why the Italians have the veto right. Italy is a small nation while Scandinavia is much larger and has much more industrial capability and more power and is also a nuclear and does not fully understand why Italy has a veto anyway.

800px-Flag of Italy (1861-1946) Italy: Tell me in which way is SUMA more powerful, larger, or more industrial than us. You have slightly over 10 million inhabitants, we have over 40. You have a small industry and large amounts of farming, we have a large industrial power. We also have nuclear bombs. The Scandinavians are NOT major powers, whilst the Italians are.

Flag of Republic of China (World of the Rising Sun) China: Our case will NOT result in Italy getting kicked off the Council. We are just unhappy that Italy is on the Council but China and Hindustan are not. We are not trying to boot Italy (excuse the pun) but merely using the Italians as an example of why we should be let in.

800px-Flag of Italy (1861-1946) Italy: Ahem. You specifically wrote "These believe less powerful nations like Italy should not have been granted seats."

Flag of the Kingdom of Yugoslavia Yugoslavia: Let not turn this into a test of power. @ USA was that direct me or someone else?

Flag of Republic of China (World of the Rising Sun) China: Sorry if it wasn't clear but we only believe Italy should not have had a seat. We are not trying to get you kicked off the Security Council.

Flag of the United States United States: No, it was directed at SUMA. To give you an idea, the population of Sweden and Finland combined is ~10,000,000. However, the population of Italy is a freaking 44.5 million. My sources: here, here, and here. Also, while Italy wasn't as industrialized as other European nations, it sure was heck more than Scandinavia

Naval Ensign of Japan Japan: I believe that at the very least China should have a seat because it is the most populous.

SUMA flag variant 1 Finland/SUMA: @ USA It was in OTL but did you pay attention to the Reconstruction Plan that lasted roughly five years? This is ATL so yeah... Reconstruction plan was put in place to increase industrialization and modernize every part of Finnish life.

Flag of the Soviet UnionSoviet Union: Guess what, in OTL South America and Africa were not represented in the SC after WW2. Sometimes life just isn't fair. Get over it. We have to limit the amount of people in it, or we will never get stuff done since a lot of perm members will have veto power and no one will agree on anything.

Flag of Venezuela Venezuela thinks the present plan is to anti-Hispanic. Either Cuba, Venezuela, Spain, Argentina or the Mayan Republic get a seat.

Flag of the Soviet Union Soviet union: None of those are major nations. Only major nations should be permanent members of the SC. End of discussion. any attempts to add representatives based on terms like "Hispanic world" will be vetoed by me, since the SC has to approve additions to the SC itself.

Flag of the Kingdom of Yugoslavia Yugoslavia: Agrees with Russia. I suggest we extend the per-sec council 1 or 2 seats like USA suggested earlier.

Flag of the United States United States: @SUMA: Yes, but the Italians did also. Also, did you not get the earlier post? Italy outnumbers you 4.4 to one! And they have a nuclear arsenal too. They have industrialized as well. The Italians, with their (much) larger population, as well as a bigger economy, due to their many colonies. (Libya, Somalia, Djibouti, etc). How many colonies does SUMA have? None. And that is it. Stop trying to claim that the Scandinavians suddenly have a better economy and industrial might than Italy. End of story.

SUMA flag variant 1 Finland (SUMA): actually, Norway has some colonies and overseas possessions and claimed land in Antarctica, so there you go, Norway is, BTW, part of SUMA. Norway had approx 3.5 million inhabitants so roughly 14 million that's maybe 4-1 not 4.4-1. We're not as weak as you think.

800px-Flag of Italy (1861-1946) Italy: We're still far more powerful than you are.

Flag of France France: Look, guys, it's not like China or Hindustan, etc. don't have seats. You do. Everyone does. It's just that Italy gets a seat on the Permanent Security Council. Everyone gets a say, and it's not like your opinions are neglected or fall on deaf ears. We can't have every single nation that wants to get on the Security Council can get on the Security Council.

Flag of the Kingdom of Yugoslavia Yugoslavia: Right, that why we have the Non-Permanent Security Council, they change out every so often with general assembly.

Flag of Republic of China (World of the Rising Sun) China: Um.. I think China and Hindustan win the case??? @ SUMA and Venezuela: China and Hindustan have a least 1.5 billion people or around 25%+ of the worlds population in 1950. If we don't get seats how will you????

Flag of the Kingdom of Yugoslavia Yugoslavia: I believe so, But who gets the seat on Permanent Council?

India UK Flag It will be China, representing Asia Major.