The Interim Constitution of The French Kingdom was written in early 1790 to limit the then unchecked power of the King. It was named interim, but was intended to last a fairly long time. It's being taken advantage of by Jacobins led to its replacement by the Constitution of 1799. Its text is as follows:


We, the representatives of the peoples of the most Christian Kingdom of France and Navarre, do hereby and henceforth bind ourselves and our King to this Constitution to secure order within our kingdom, provide for honest taxation, and defend the kingdom from all threats, foreign and otherwise, so that no man be denied the rights with which he is by the Grace of God endowed.

Article I

The legislative authority of the Kingdom shall be vested in a National Assembly, which shall consist of persons elected by the general population of the men of the Kingdom. The King may also nominate persons to be seated in the National Assembly, and they shall be seated upon the approval of a majority of its Delegates.

The election of the members of the National assembly shall be held on the first Monday in August of the year one thousand seven hundred and seventy two and every fourth year thereafter. All men to have attained the age of twenty-five shall qualify as electors, and each person shall cast one vote for one person, the four hundred persons having the highest number of votes cast for them shall be seated as delegates on the first Monday of the next month after the election.

Until such time as this election shall be held and its results verified, all persons to have signed this document shall act as the National Assembly.

This Assembly shall have exclusive power to lay and collect taxes on any persons throughout the kingdom.

This Assembly shall have exclusive power to declare war with another power and to approve the use of military against them.

This Assembly shall have exclusive power to try the case of all persons accused of treason against the republic, but may devolve these powers on lower courts if it shall so desire.

Article II

The authority to execute all laws and command all military of the Kingdom shall rest with the King of France and Navarre.

The King may issue decrees that shall have full force of law throughout the Kingdom.

In extraordinary circumstances, the King may utilise any power that he should need to preserve the Kingdom, and may exercise any power not exclusively delegated to any other organ of Government.

Article III

When Two-thirds of the National Assembly shall be in agreement, It may amend this constitution as deemed necessary.


First Amendment - adopted 16 July, 1792

The National Assembly of the Kingdom of France and Navarre does hereby and henceforth abolish the King of France and Navarre, and change the name of the Kingdom to the French Republic. The powers formerly of the King shall be exercised by the President of the French Republic, who shall be elected by the National Assembly for a term of six years. On the first Monday in August of the year one thousand seven hundred and ninety eight and every sixth year thereafter, the national assembly shall hold another election for President , who shall take control of his office on the first Monday of the following month.

The National Assembly shall convene and elect the first president upon the adoption of this amendment, and this person shall hold the office until the first Monday of the next month after the next election for the same.

Second Amendment - adopted 3 September, 1792

The National Assembly of the French Republic does hereby announce the immediate abolition of all provincial parliaments.

The power of government, law enforcement, and military operations over each province shall be vested in a Governor appointed by the President. The Governor shall be advised by a provincial council to be appointed by the National Assembly. This council may alter or condemn the decrees by a vote of two thirds of its members, and may remove the governor of its province from his office by a vote of two thirds of its members.

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