Intergalactic Republic
Republic of the United Planets
Timeline: Great Empires
United Planets Flag United Planets Emblem.svg
Flag Coat of Arms

Together We Stand, Alone We Fall (Nadasti (English))

Anthem "The United Planets"
Capital Sendac
Language Nadasti (English)
Government Democratic, constitutional republic
President Sylvia Valorum
Population 100 quadrillion 
Established 10,100 BBC
Currency Intergalactic Mortis
Territory 20 million star systems
“Citizens of the Republic, we are in a time of great catastrophe. We are a nation of many species, religions, cultures. But I know none of us are strangers, we are one big family, fighting and surviving together. I believe it is our destiny to stand and live together or die ... together.”
 The Republic of the United Planets, more commonly known as the Intergalactic Republic, is a vast nation controlling more than 20 million star systems in the Andromeda, Milky Way and Kolorosia Galaxies. It controls approximately 80% of the Milky Way and 20% of the Andromeda and Kolorosia Galaxies, however many planets and star systems are largely uninhabited or only contain non-sentient life. It is one the largest nations in the universe. Its capital is the planet of Sendac. Earth is not controlled by it, although it is represented in their Senate as an observer planet.


Administrative divisions

The nation is so large that it is divided in a very complex system, which is difficult to understand. The highest subdivision is a Grand Province, of which there are 10, which are governed by a Grand Governor. Each Grand Sector is divided in ten Provinces, which are led by a Governor, there are 100 provinces in the entire republic. Each province is divided into ten sectors, which aren't led by anyone, there are 1000 sectors in the entire nation, represented in the senate by their senator, who is chosen by the people of their senatorial sector, this person is often called Senator of their home world, but is officially called Senator of their senatorial sector. A senator actually also represent his or her planet, which is a position with a term length of two years, but renewable indefinitely. Each Sector is divided into 200 Grand States. Each Grand State is divided into 100 states, which is the lowest subdivision.  Each state contains on average ten planets.


The head of state of the nation is the president, who is elected for a five year term. He or she is elected by the Intergalactic Senate. The Intergalactic Senate consists of 1000 senators, who represent their Sector, although it is believed they represent their planet.

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