Before I write the timeline, I wish to make two things clear.

  1. I write this because I feel there is not enough pre-human history alternate histories. Whilst there are some good timelines, I could barely find one without the label ASB. I hope that in this timeline I can rectify such with science and intelligence, whilst also maintaining a level of understanding that readers can follow.
  2. I am not a plant biologist, nor perfect with the evolutionary history of plants. I research evolutionary biology in animals, however, I believe my recent stint with plant evolution and my understanding of evolutionary history qualifies myself for writing this. However, if it is found to be ASB, I completely understand.

Nevertheless, let's begin . . .

Beginnings of intelligence?

Approx. 620 million years ago (mya), land plants evolved away from green (chlorophyte) algae. Whilst not the first users of photosynthesis on land (organisms had used it from approx. 1,200 mya), plants were the first multicellular organism to use it efficiently.

For the next 220 million years, plants retained a simplistic form, looking like today's liverworts, reproducing by means of depositing motile sperm in the moist soil, and allowing the sperm to fertilize nearby female plants. However, during this time period (The Silurian Period), an increase in temperature (an event which occurred in OTL[1] [2] ), caused the ground where the plants were located to become dry,  disallowing many male plants to fertilize their female counterparts. 

Following this event, and the subsequent and drastic rise in temperature during the devonian period, many, if not all plants dejected this method of fertilization, and evolved the more effiecient methods of asexual reproduction and the spreading of sperm (later seeds) by wind.

However, evolution is not always proficient, and does not also come out with the "best" results, and this timeline is an exploration of what if, plants had developed an alternative to the other fertilization methods; a way to become mobile, and then perhaps, developed a brain-like structure. This timeline explores the history of intelligent plants.


A few links that could help you brush up on biological history:

Any suggestions or help would be appreciated.

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