The Intelligence and Security Police (Span: Policia de Inteligencia y Seguridad), abbreviated as PIS, was a Chilean domestic intelligence agency and secret police operating directly under the supervision of the Communist Party, as part of the Party-founded Ministry of National Security. The PIS was formed in 1967 after the Chilean Communist Revolution had been successful, succeeding and supplanting the Revolutionary Guard, and lasted until 1989, when it was formally abolished after the February coup d'etat. The PIS was responsible for the enforcement of Communist doctrine, serving as a secret police and as a domestic investigative agency chiefly targeting suspected dissidents. The PIS abducted and "disappeared" as many as 7,500 Chilean dissidents and imprisoned an estimated 80,000 additional men and women. The PIS is suspected of helping the International Affairs Service ( ) assassinate exiled Chileans, including the 1978 murder of Jorge Guerrero Longoria in Los Angeles, although the PIS was generally confined to operating within Chile itself.

For the first sixteen years of its existence, the PIS was run by Rodrigo Pineda, initially a close ally of Salvador Allende who later ran the agency largely at his own discretion and ignored the input of Party officials. Following his assassination in 1983 by Patria y Libertad, it was run by a committee composed of Javier Vázquez, Enrique García and Juan Cruz Montero. All three members of this committee were charged and sentenced to life without parole in prison for war crimes and human rights violations by civilian courts following the restoration of democracy to Chile in the 1990s.

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