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Darfur Civil War


Great African War

Instability Darfur-Chad

1st May 2005


17th May 2005


Darfur/Chad border


Chad declared war on Darfur and The Great African War begins


Flag of Darfur Darfur

supported by:

Flag of Puntland Puntland

Flag of Somaliland Somaliland

Flag of South Sudan South Sudan

Flag of Ethiopia Ethiopia

Flag of Nigeria Nigeria

Flag of NATO European NATO

Flag of Egypt Egypt

Flag of South Africa South Africa

Flag of the United States USA

Flag of Angola Angola

Flag of Russia Russia

Flag of Mozambique Mozambique

Flag of Swaziland Swaziland

Flag of Niger Niger

Flag of Guinea-Bissau Guinea Bissau

Flag of Zaire Zaire

Flag of Chad Chad

supported by

Flag of Sudan Sudan

Flag of Somalia Somalia

Flag of Eritrea Eritrea

ZaireFlag Congo

Flag of the Central African Republic CAR


Presidents and Generals

Presidents and Generals




Casualties and Losses



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