Ingolf I til Danmark

Ingolf I is the present King of Denmark and Norway. He was born 17 February 1940 at the Royal Castle in Aarhus. His full name is Ingolf Christian Frederick Canute Harold Gorm Gustavus Viggo Valdemar Aage (Danish: Ingolf Christian Frederik Knud Harald Gorm Gustav Viggo Valdemar Aage). He became King of Denmark and Norway upon the death of his father, King Canute VII 14 June 1976.

He has been married twice: to Queen Inge (born Terney) from 13 January 1968 until her death 21 July 1996 and to Queen Sussie (born Hjorthøy) from 7 March 1998.

He has no issue, and his brother Christian is the present heir to the throne.

King Ingolf I is also # 296 in the line of succession to the Swedish throne.

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