Infiltration of Barca

Infiltration of Barca

Outcome: Whole city infected, no one survived

Location: Barca, North Africa, Persian Empire

Alexander the Great Army

Barca garrison

Civil militia

Alexander the Great Unknown ???
2 Spies 4,000 mercenaries 6,000 garrison troops
Casualties and losses
0, spies escaped All soldiers and 40 thousand civilians dead because of biological attack


Infiltration to Barca was first action in history sourced as "biological weapon attack". Infiltration was ordered by Alexander the Great during his attack in North-Africa. His armies located important trade and supply route city Barca, but city was heavily fortified with strong and well-equipped armed garrison, including veteran mercenaries. Alexander army had "Department of Special Weapons" and Alexander used rotting human flesh and excrement to contaminate water supplies in city. He sent one spy (second was co-incidentally met in city) who was ex-member of secret terrorist net of exclusive lesbian women created for elimination of important Persian army commanders and politicians. A well trained woman named Cyliana was sent with highly dangerous infection materials to city.


Cyliana met in city another lesbian killer, Ramada. They created team, wait until night and according Alexander instructions contaminated all wells and also food supplies in city. They used "women methods" to decoy armed guards and infected wells, fountain and granary. After that, they retreated to nearest hill and waited until diseases ruin city.


After start of epidemic, Cyliana returned to Alexander army camps and informed him about infections and contamination. Alexander then move toward city, but he did not arrive, because Ramad saw Dareos army approaching to Barca. On first attempt, Alexander could not saw destruction effects of his biological and bacteriological weapons, but second attempt after Dareos death and collapse of Persian army was successful. Alexander found Barca absolutely ruined. All peoples dead or dying because of diseases. Alexander proclaimed city as quarantine forbidden zone, gave order to burn all bodies, but before that, his slave-medical personal take samples from dead bodies and dying peoples. Alexandrian army DSW was effective supported.

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