You might want to consider an Archive. As it says in your Rules, one will be made every 15 years, and the game is now in its 21st turn. Please make one or else you will be betraying the game rule and therefore might be deleted. Rules

  • The main goal of these rules is to keep the game realistic. Therefore, every turn must be plausible. One cannot take over the world in ten turns.
  • Any land which is conquered has inhabitants, and they must be dealt with.
  • Every five turns, a map is to be made. The mapmakers should edit the map according to their nation's actions.
  • Each player will "call" a nation, one nation per player.
  • Actions like espionage are allowed and will be detailed later.
  • Alliances and dynastic unions are allowed, as is bargaining to achieve these.
  • If a nation is inactive, it is considered in civil disorder and thus fair game for conquering even if one was allied with it. However, resistance is stronger than if it was normally conquered.
  • There are super-national confederations (e.g. the Holy Roman Empire, the Kalmar Union), and they function like alliances. They can be broken (e.g. the dissolution of the Holy Roman Empire) and they can be formed (e.g. the unification of Spain)
  • You can hire raiders/pirates and make them raid any nation's ship, but this greatly reduces that country's relationship with your nation.
  • The game ends in the present.
  • If you are new, you start the game in the turn you joined.
  • The game will start on Mar 4, or year 1780.
  • One OTL Day will be a year and one turn.
  • Turns start at 10 AM UTC every day, anybody can start the turn, not just a mod.
  • Archive every 15 years.
  • No nukes before 1910, no space before 1930. on who gets them first.
  • There won't be any UN until I delete this rule.
  • You can be an occupied nation and declare independence.
  • will decide who gets nukes first.
  • I will try everything for this map game to be able to switch to Visual Mode. Don't add complex styles to this page.
  • No important invention more than 25 years ahead of OTL.


There will be five mods. Bold means you're approved.

  1. Co-Head Mod:  Yellowpenguin (talk) 13:24, March 2, 2013 (UTC)
  2. Creator/Co Head Mod: Alexlee8991 (talk) 01:41, February 21, 2013 (UTC)
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  6. Police Mod 

The Map

Changes, Issues and Complaints

Proposed map on the Talk page Daxus Inferno (talk) 15:07, March 19, 2013 (UTC)

Who owns the violet land on OTL France? Limeuan (talk) 01:42, March 21, 2013 (UTC)

Can we be two nations? EiplecOco (talk) 20:43, March 24, 2013 (UTC)

Please look up Paca and Valais in the Internet and please put those areas under Sardinia? Limeuan (talk) 06:52, April 1, 2013 (UTC)

MAP CHANGE? Limeuan (talk) 11:03, April 12, 2013 (UTC)

Can I please have an algorithm for invading Austrian Milan and I invaded those violet areas in OTL France and Switzerland. I already have an algorithm. Limeuan (talk) 00:17, April 14, 2013 (UTC)


The current map is 1815, do not change the map anyone





North America

  • Republic of Canada: Canada2hy Hypothetical Alberta Blue Ensign OreoToast555(Talk)
  • French Saint Domingue(Western Hispaniola):
  • Florida:
  • Cuba:
  • Spanish Santo Domingo (Hispaniola):

South America

  • Nueva Granada (Commonwealth of Spain):
  • Peru:
  • Rio de la Plata (Chile and Argentina):
  • Empire of Brazil:
  • Papal America:
  • Dutch Guiana:


  • Moors: Daxus Inferno (talk) 02:03, February 21, 2013 (UTC)
  • Morocco: (formed the Moors)
  • Ethiopia:
  • Ashantehene:
  • Kongo Tribes:
  • Hausa:
  • Mali:
  • Igbo:
  • Carthage (vassal of the Moors and Spain):
  • Berber Cameroons:
  • Berber Madagascar:
  • Chinese Madagascar:
  • Spanish Madagascar:
  • Chinese Kenya:
  • Spanish Horn of Africa:
  • Polish Nigeria:
  • Venetian West Africa:
  • Berber Namibia:
  • Portuguese Angola:
  • Portuguese Mozambique:
  • Spanish Mozambique:
  • Spanish Swahili Coast:


  • Hawaii:  Colonized by Spain
  • Central Australian Tribes:
  • Spanish New Zealand:
  • Spanish Tasmania:
  • Spanish New Guinea:
  • Berber Papua:
  • Tonga:


Industrial Revolution Map Game 1780-1795


  • Mod Event: Germany collapses into disarray as the war breaks and as their peers in France, the Germans claim for people ruling their nation, Several Nations as Prussia (under their Original Royal family), Bavaria and Luxembourg arise in the midst of the civil war. Germany is now divided into Luxembourg, Prussia, Bavaria, Hamburg Confederacy, Royal Germany and Revolutionaries. Due to the war, German Reich changed its capital to Hannover.
  • In France Crisis continues as the Royal Family is caught escaping to Switzerland and Later to Austria. The People, enraged begin to ASK the revolution's leaders to Kill the Royal Family.
  • The Ottoman Continue Pushing against the Coalition's army defeating them at the Battle of Homs.
  • The Quebec Leadership Joins the Rebels of Canada and Begins Fighting the British.
  • Quebec and Canada are both loyal to Britain, there's no way they would rebel. The  UDA is a British Commonwealth, and therefore still associated with Britain and Canada would never rebel.
  • The Americans who hated the British fled and inflamed the French in Quebec and the Liberals in Canada
  • Denmark-Norway: Another fifteen thousand arrive in Greenland, and many towns are made in the southern part of Greenland, most of which are on the coast. Many of the locals are pushed out, and many are forced to travel north as the southern lands are being taken.
  • 30,000 is ridiculously much for a country of your population at this time.
  • Is that more plausible?
  • More plausible.
  • How many people can I claim my nation has?
  • 500,000 - 1,000,000
  • Morocco:  The Holy City of Mecca is taken over and peacefully occupied , with Amezwar Slimane leaving his palace in Rabat to go on pilgrimage for Hajj. Steel and textile mills continue to be built across the nation, and more furnaces are built. All of Ottoman Arabia is now under Moroccan control as well as the land south of Libya, and seeing the startling defeat at Homs, soldiers are sent north. 23% of lands are now Cabalist, with many missionaries heading to Mecca, almost immediately converting 6% of the population, and the Cabal now sees Prophet Meddur as a legitimate prophet after he allegedly caused large swaths of fish to beach on a starving fishing village. All colonies expand, as well as expansion into the Sahara, colonists are sent to OTL Perth.
  • No colonial expansions in Australia and the Ottomans are now in a state of stalemate with the coalition army.
  1. We've been besieging Mecca for a while.
  2. Spain is colonizing Australia.
  3. Spain is colonizing in Continental Australia islands. However, yes you can.
  • Papal States: The Pope dies of natural causes and a vote from the Cardinals begins for a new Pope. (Should it be decided by, say, 1-100, 85 randomly picked numbers will be a Pope from the Papal States, and the remaining 15 randomly picked numbers will be a Pope from a different Catholic Nation?) A report from the colony is given to the Cardinals, which states that only the city has been established on the coast, and the territory has only been expanded by the few miles due to the unknowns of the region, but it also states that that is soon to change. The Cardinals publicly condemn the revolution, as a violent upheaval to the natural order, but they fail to say or do anything on the matter. Since the fire in the steel mill at Rome, barely any new factories have been established yet.
  • Put 115- 70 of the papal states 20 of Venice and Naples, and the others divide them between Portugal, France, Spain and Savoy.
  • That'll work.
  • I got a Venetian Pope, number 28, using the 115 as so: 1-25 Papacy; 26-35 Venice; 36-42 Spain; 43-49 France; 50-75 Papacy; 76-85 Naples; 86-91 Portugal; 92-97 Savoy; 98-115 Papacy. I did my best to ensure total fairness in the randomness, if that is possible.
  • Sweden: Seizing the opportunity, the Swedes invade northern Germany. 
  • China: The new colony in OTL Kenya is named New Hohhot. The two colonies expands. The Ottoman mercenaries begin a new plan to raid Ottoman camps and keep the Ottoman forces out of Anatolia. The zoo expands. Another two textile factories are built in Suzhou and Shanghai. Another 20,000 government-sponsored settlers were sent to Kazakhstan with government promises of an acre of land as long as you plant on it for six years. The army in Kaza, splits into three, with one staying at Kaza, one departing for Ottoman and one to go on to France. The French part arrived in Suzhou and came to France in the ninth month of the year. The army begins to attack French Royalists and ambushes them at Troyes. China continues making warships and is building a North Sea Navy, Eastern Sea Navy, Southern Sea navy and Expeditionary force. 

  • UDA: The rebels are fought against, and UD forces cooperating with the British make sure Quebec and the rest of Canada has strong military presences, but otherwise the people are allowed to rule. The Army offers a deal to Canada giving them all land under the Canadian color on this map: 

  • 640px-1795-IR.png

Spain: The Colonies expand and the Spanish continues help the Canadians on getting their independence, giving them weapons and others, Colonies expand and military is build up, the Invasion of Eastern  Anatolia continues with the Campaign of destruction of the Turks, as well as in Mesopotamia,

'Venice: The Most Serene Doge of Venice Francisco Romano has died and is succeeded by The Most Serene Doge of Venice Anastasio Mancini. Mancini's first orders is to build up the military, Mediterranean, and prepare to colonize western Africa. 

Venician Diplomacy
' '''Venice seeks an alliance with Spain and Morocco.

Spain agrees with the alliance.

Morocco accepts.

  • Sardinia: With the Ottomans handling two sharp defeats on the army, its structure is reformed and high-quality education for officers and men is stressed. Now, officers are re-educated and some are sacked due to higher standards and sheer, overlooked, incompetence. The Sardinians are starting to learn and adapt new tactics and the new general, Bardo Almascini, orders an orderly and disciplined withdrawal to Greece into defensive positions. Supply dumps are ordered to be set up along the way, and the Navy, now buffed up with the acquisition and creation of a staggering 20 ships over the last five years for the size of Sardinia, harass Ottoman coastal cities with a series of coastal bombardments.


  • Mod events: In France the revolution succeeds and the king faces the Guillotine in September 7 of the year getting killed at noon. While this, The Republic is proclaimed, and Napoleon is claimed as the Consul of The French.
  • Germany things get worse as many of the Revolutionaries overthrow the several dukes within the territories and their main nations arise, Prussia, Bavaria, and Frisia (outside Luxembourg), the Republicans ruling mainly Frisia and Bavaria and the monarchists in Prussia.
  • Crimea is taken by Polish forces claiming the first major territory on the Black Sea.
  • The Ottomans are fully expelled from the Balkans by the Spanish and Austrians, and the fight continues in the Asian territories mainly held by the Moroccans and Spanish.
  • The Canadians lash back at the occupation from the British Succeeding in taking Quebec City under their rule, and the Independent Republic of Canada is fully proclaimed and acclaimed by people of Canada.
  • Denmark-Norway: Another ten thousand colonists arrive in Greenland, and the first children are born there. Some money is set aside so a school later. More locals are pushed north, and more factories in Copenhagen are opened.
  • Papal States: The new Venetian Pope takes up the name of Pope Adrian II, and being Venetian, he begins a new series of economically reforms, mainly steered towards mercantilism and an expanse of the Papal Navy to handle new trade, and the defense of said trade ships. The colony is reported as firmly establishing themselves, town and all, in Southern South America (OTL Viedma, Rio Negro, Argentina), being described as an abundance of fish, and agriculture, mainly near the ocean and the river named Flumen de Prouidentia (OTL Rio Negro River). The Steel Mill that was nearly gutted by a fire in Rome is back in operation, but in an attempt to prevent further disasters, multiple exits are designed into the renovation of the Mill, inspiring future Mill designs in the Papal States.
    • Papal Dip: As Pope Adrian II is Venetian, requests an alliance with the Most Serene Republic of Venice.
    • Venice Dip: Venice accepts alliance.
    • Venice: Continues to expand trade and build military, and starts colonizing western Africa.
  • Sardinia: As we withdraw into Greece due to our defeats, the war industry is maximizing their output. Conscription is introduced to single, young and able-bodied men from 25-28 years of age. Due to that, another 10,500 men are available to be sent to Greece. This raises morale to the troops and now invade to capture all of OTL Greece and, if possible (algorithm), Albania to restore its broken honor and the instilled belief that Greece, the land of fierce warriors, was theirs. We offer to send surplus equipment to the French Republic, passage through our territory, in exchange for an alliance and trade agreements.         
  • Venice Dip: Venice would like to establish a trade port on Sardinia. 
  • Morocco: Industrialization continues, and most of Arabic territories are taken from the Ottomans, as soldiers are coming from the north and south. About 26% of the population is now Cabalist; and future reforms for the nation are planned after the Coalition-Ottoman War to deal with the expansion of the nation. Prophet Meddur continues to travel around the nation and manage miracles, and begins traveling with a small group consisting of astronomers, doctors, sailors, astrologers and warriors, barely numbering fifteen the group travels around improving the nation in the smallest ways. Expansion continues into the Sahara and coast, and due to quarrying and advanced irrigation systems an increase in rainfall is seen, though it is small.
  • Venice Dip: Venice would like to establish a trade port on Morocco.
  • China: The two colonies expands. The Ottoman mercenaries continues raiding Ottoman camps and keep the Ottoman forces out of Anatolia. The zoo expands. Textile factories are now sprouting all over the Yangtze River. Another 20,000 government-sponsored settlers were sent to Kazakhstan with government promises of an acre of land as long as you plant on it for six years. The army sent to Ottoman is blocked by Persia, so China is now asking any countries to sponsor China to take Persia, a suitable addition to the empire. The one in Kaza keeps finding excuses to attack the original government, in order to colonize Kaza more quickly. The French Expeditionary force attacks Royal France, and a part of it departs to Germany to help Prussia, an old ally. The government plans to turn the entire South East Asia into protectorates, and is now building a trade fleet to control the economy and trade of Asia. China finishes building a North Sea Navy, Eastern Sea Navy, Southern Sea Navy and Expeditionary force. Wheat is starting to be planted in Kaza and studies on irrigation and farming begins. 
  • Republic of Canada: Proud of their independence, a large-scale ceremony commemorating the declaration of independence on Oct 24 (Year goes here). Military buildup continues and the Capital building in Calgary begins construction. Farming expands surrounding the capital. Proposes a seizure of Northerly Spanish lands for military assistance to Spain/New Spain. 
    Treaty of Canada 1795

    Reall Likely outcome

  • That's your territory, Canada was joined and idled by Quebec and you got 11% of US territory.
  • Spain: Colonies expand and military is built up, further liberalization continues to begin Pro-popular movements in Spain.


  • Mod events: Napoleon defeats the Marseille and Orleans forces but Burgundy, manages to Hold out, and by the end of the year the Republic of France and the Kingdom of Burgundy, become allies after the Peace of Besançon, in which Burgundy gets a Coastline in the Previous Territory of Marseille
  • In Germany Prussia and Friesland ally themselves while in the centre of the territories the Revolutions form the Kingdom of Saxony Eager to Ally himself with anyone, Revolution continues waging in most of its territory
  • Canadian Forces manage to Defeat the British and Gain most of Quebec and New England Territories from the UDA
  • The Ottomans are forced to withdraw from Anatolia by the Coalition forces
  • Papal States: The Colony in (OTL Southern Argentina) expands just a few miles, and begins mission work, attempting to establish Papal-Tribal relations, and gain converts in the New World. (I cannot get a map inserted to show where this colony is located. It simply won't let me insert it.) Two textile mills are built in the outskirts of Rome, but fail to attract as many workers as they hoped, due to the fire of the Steel Mill. A strike occurs at that same Steel Mill, named St. Michael's Mill, due to safety standards and was quickly disbanded by local police, but they failed to stop its ideals from spreading, as talk begins of new safety standards in all factories, new or old. Finally, a new military camp is built in the Urbano region, hoping to increase the skill of most soldiers.
    • Papal Dip: The Pope Adrian II requests trading rights with both Spain and Portugal.
    • Spain: We will always support you in any conflict or question you may have, unless it's against any of our allies.
    • Papal States: Pope Adrian II thanks you greatly for the support and offers the same. He also to have the Papal States to join the Coalition Forces against the Ottoman Empire.

Sorry I've been gone for a couple of days- unforeseen circumstances. RevenantAscension (talk) 16:41, March 13, 2013 (UTC)

  • Great Britain: Continues to support the UDA. The Falkland Islands and Australian colonies are built up, and industrialization continues.
  • Morocco: All of Arab Ottoman lands have now been taken by Morocco; and several regiments are sent north. Amezwar Slimane decides it would be wise to switch to the Legion system, and has will have it implemented at the end of the war, with each legion having regiments that have squads in them. Cabalism has managed to convert 29% of the population. Expansion into Mauretania and Sudan continues, all colonies expand. The Prophet Meddur continues preaching and creating miracles.
  • Republic of Canada: Continues to fight the British, working their way slowly southwards. Calgary is now up to a population of 2000 of evacuated citizens. A two-year proposal to stop invading the UDA is brought to legislation, to build up military and take the remaining UDA within the decade. Massive coal reserves are found in the Rockies and mass-mining of coal begins. The constitution is signed and brought into enforcement.
  • Sardinia: We pull out 3000 men from a now stabilized Greece, leaving 9,000 men there. As revolution strikes nations, the King would like to prevent it here. As a result, more rights are given to the people and military production is increased to help prevent crime. Meanwhile, government-sponsored economic and military workshops are being placed to give jobs and increase output.
    • Sardinia Dip: We would like to establish trading ties with Venice as they are very useful and great economic and naval partners.
  • Question: Can I get an algorithm for an invasion of Sicily and Southern Italy that I did 7-8 turns ago?
  • No
  • why?
  • Spain: The colonies expand and military is built up. Liberal movements begin to rise and question the Monarchy of Spain, but many of them continue supporting it as it shows signs of change.
  • China: The two colonies expands. The Ottoman mercenaries continues raiding Ottoman camps and keep the Ottoman forces out of Anatolia. The zoo expands. Textile factories are now sprouting all over China. Another 20,000 government-sponsored settlers were sent to Kazakhstan with government promises of an acre of land as long as you plant on it for six years. The army is built up and rested, preparing for their invasion of Persia. Propaganda begins to convince the Chinese that the Persians are evil. The one in Kaza keeps finding excuses to attack the original government, in order to colonize Kaza more quickly. Irrigation and farming improves. While in France, the army is supporting Napoleon's new government, but prepares to destroy it whenever they become too powerful.


  • In North Africa small revolts occur as the Muslims Sunni begin rebelling against the Cabalist Moroccan invaders.
    • Morocco is secular, check 1792. Also, Morocco is liberating, not invading, as all of the Moors are Berber.
  • In Spain, some liberal thinking begins to arise thanks to the reforms made by the King
  • In France the Republic led by Napoleon seeks to intrude in Germany. They see the weakened nation inside Germany as a good place to expand influence.
  • The Byzantine Empire finally dominates most of the southern Balkan territories with help of the Spanish.
  • In the UDA small revolts occur claiming the return to its independence from Britain.
  • The revolt spreads to Poland and Austria, and revolutions begin. Austria is now divided between Hungary, Royal Austrians, Republic Austrians, Croatians, Serbs and Bosniaks. Poland is divided into Royal and Republic Poles.
  • Republic of Canada: Stops all fighting with the British 20 km into OTL New Jersey state. The former UDA areas that were not our own and are incorporated as the state of New England. Large-Scale military development continues. Coal continues to be mass-mine. A currency is introduced.
  • Venice: After the Doge's absence, he returns and fills a brief power gap. He continues to expand trade and build up the military. Venice is interested in establishing trade ports in Canada and the French Republic of Napoleon. Colonization stops because of the power gap, but should resume soon.
  • Sardinia: We would like to make an alliance with Canada in hopes of helping the new country in any aspect in exchange for manuals on guerrilla warfare and economic alliance. Meanwhile, The border fortification with France is strengthened and we would like a friendly alliance with the French Republic of Napoleon.
    • Venice Dip: Venice would like to vassalize Sardinia.
    • Sardinia Dip: Let me think ... no tnx.
    • Venice Dip: How about a personal union?
    • Sardinia: You mean marriage?
    • Venice Dip: Yes.
    • Sardinia Dip: Where is the seat of power going to be, Piedmont or Venice?
    • Canada Diplomacy: We accept your offer. We send many various tactical warfare manuals to Sardinia.

Still requesting for that algorithm for Sicily and S Italy for eight turns ago?

The algorithm would not be good for you, as Spain is intruded, and with it many more nations.

They did not intrude eight or nine turns ago. It's partially your fault for not making an algorithm for it - and Sicily wasn't Spain's eight turns ago, I think.

  • Morocco: Sends colonists to OTL New Caledonia, and offers to buy the Canaries from Spain. Asks for more trading partners globally and Morocco mostly produces building materials and requires more food. Expansion into Africa continues; Prophet Meddur continues performing miracles, and manages to defend a small village from raiders, and he begins developing a martial art called Sun dueling (translation of course). 32% of the population is now Cabalist, and it is preached to occupied lands that they are not being conquered, but the Berbers are finally being unified. Plans are made for governmental reform starting next year.
  • Kingdom of Mexico: Improvement of the infrastructure continues, while the mining of silver and gold continues, especially in northern OTL Nevada and California. Development of the army and navy continues, while development of the military continues. A Mexican colonization fleet is sent to OTL Guam and will arrive next turn.
  • Oman: The Sultanate of Oman starts to incorporate the unorganized Arabian tribes into the Sultanate, but very slowly. The economy is expanded and traders and builders are sent to try to find a path to the Mediterranean Sea to establish contact with other nations. Traders are sent to gather information and resources to help modernize, and the builders to build along the path to establish a place for rest along the path.
  • Spain: The colonies expand and military is built up, the organization of the Byzantine Empire begins and the Carthaginian territories under the pact with the Moroccan Empire begins. The colonies are expanded, and another colony is made in OTL Maldives. It declines Morocco's offer to buy the Canaries. More laws are instituted and the Jewish people are allowed to reenter the nation.
  • China: The two colonies expand. The zoo expands. Textile factories are now sprouting all over China. Another 20,000 government-sponsored settlers were sent to Kazakhstan with government promises of an acre of land as long as you plant on it for six years. The army is built up and rested, preparing for their invasion of Persia. Propaganda convinces the Chinese that the Persians are evil. Kaza is now 75% colonized. Farming improves and now only 80% of the population is farming. Due to Western influence, the Beijing university is opened with many subjects like Mechanics, Science, Chinese Philosophy, Chinese, Western Languages and art. Prepares to establish trade ports in Canada. However, asks UDA if they want support against Canada. Seeing that France may invade Germany, the army thinks of helping the Germans. 
  • Papal States: Factory owners raise wages slightly in an attempt to bring in more workers, which works, and they did this so they could escape paying for heftier safety regulations. Due to the new textile mills, the Papal States enters a bit of Clothing Revolution, in which bright colors are worn almost vainly by the populace, but aids in an improvement of the overall economy for the Papacy. Pope Adrian II pushes forth with additional colonial ships, two years after the last one, into the OTL Southern Argentina region, hoping to establish a colony at OTL Tierra del Fuego, due to reports of a possible rich fur trade to begin. Finally, the military is grown greatly due to the longstanding peace in the Papal States, with citizens seeing the benefits of a military life in peace as a great opportunity.
    • GB Diplomacy: If the UDA wishes to leave the British Commonwealth, we are fine with that.


Muslims in North Africa continue revolting against the Morocco forces, as the Sunni Muslims See the

Actual Map

Cabalism as an Aberration of Islam

What are you talking about? If they don't like Cabalism then why are they revolting against Morocco?

Because as far as they know, the Cabalism was born at Morocco, their invader, and thus they see you as the oppressing enemy, as well as they liked being part of the Ottoman Empire/Caliphate

Well, this is more like liberating them since they share a common culture

France Penetrates into Luxembourg and Saxony, defeating their armies in the borders and occupying great parts of Saxony

In Austria the Royal Army backed by the Hungarians manages to retake Croatia and most of Dalmatia Spain gives independence to OTL Albania, Calling it the Kingdom of Alta Dalmatia centered in Dirrachium

The Ottomans are finally finished as the Spanish forces finally take Baghdad. The War Is Over after 12 Years of Fighting.

The Pope Adrian II Dies of Pneumonia in a Visit to The Colony in Argentina.

Prussia and Friesland Move Against France into securing the Deutsch Bunden (German Federation) from the French.

More rebellions continue erupting in The UDA

Republic of Canada: Continues to skirmish with the British on the 20 km mark in OTL New Jersey. Celebrates the New Century. Continues to massively develop military in hopes of completely conquering the UDA with support of the Revolting residents. We accept Venice's offer from last turn.

I think you should change your name to Republic of Quebec

Morocco: Government reforms go into place. Nobles are given greater autonomy to deal with their own regions, and the government name is changed to the Moors (demonym is Berber). Glass industry continues to boom, and expansion into in land Arabia begins, as the massive sand dunes are valued by the glass industry, expansion into Africa also continues, and all colonies expand. 35% of the nation is now Cabalist, and the Cabal of the Messenger now sees Prophet Meddur as a legitimate Prophet.

The Kingdom of Mexico establishes a series of small military outposts in OTL Anchorage, Juneau and Fairbanks, in order to secure Mexican control over OTL Alaska. Meanwhile, secret military support continues to be sent to the Canadians. Development of the infrastructure continues, while mining continues. (May I have my own color on the map?)

Canada Diplomacy: We thank Mexico for its assistance and would like to discuss territorial claiming north of the OTL 49th parallel.

You can have Mexico's color and a dot of Spanish Commonwealth color within the map and Alaska is partially Russian, this map didn't have it but I'm going to add it. Also, Limeuan, I'm not going to give you Sicily. The reason I didn't do this was because I would then be forced to join, as Naples is part of the Spanish crown. I would have probably crushed you, and there was no algorithm. You are already in the algorithm so you will get southern Greece, but I keep most of the southern Balkans. Due to it being Daxus' algorithm I get most the Asian domains and the Balkans, while he gets most of North Africa.

That's not the point, dude. Let's go back 11 turns ago, OK? I invaded Sicily. No one stopped me, so no one was involved, only me and Sicily. You certainly did not stop me and I thought Sicily was independent. But the point is, you did not stop me. If it was really under you, you would have sent an expedition to relieve it. Besides, if it was under you, I would not have invaded. But you didn't, so what I invaded was a declining Sicily with a Sardinian army that was well fed, well equipped, with a happy and large population and with seven years worth of build-up and modernization plus naval power in the West Mediterranean. I now only ask why did I not get an algorithm for it. That could work. And on the Alaskan portion, okay. 

Venice: Venice continues to expand trade and build up the military, colonization of Western Africa resumes. Venice also realizes that it is a new era and begins set up universities, academies, and laboratories, and hospitals near its trading ports. Venice implements the public school system and public elementary, middle and high schools are being built across Venice. 

Morocco Dip: Suggests that Venice, Morocco and Spain form an alliance called the Mediterranean Pact.

Papal States: The Cardinals scramble to elect a new Pope, and (using the same "equation" as before), they elected Pope Pius X from the Papal States. He is reportedly elected due to his expansionist nature, seeing it as needed for both the European Papacy, and the Papal colonies in Argentina. Due to the late Adrian II's unexpected death in the Americas, some people see this as a sign from God that they we're not to set foot in the New World, and ships of people to the colonies is almost cut in half, slowing expansion greatly. Drills for the Papal Military increase and a newer, more powerful weapon is introduced to Papal Artillery called a Demi-Cannon, with borrowed designs from both France and Great Britain. The new Pope is reluctant to travel to the Americas.

  • Venice Dip: We would like to renew the alliance between us and the Papal States.
  • Papal Dip: Pope Pius welcomes the renewed alliance with open arms.

Spain: The colonies expand and military is built up. The kingdom refuses the suggestion but it says we will remain your allies.

Morocco Dip: We offer to split Papua New Guinea

Morocco's Proposal Red=Morocco Brown=Spain

Sardinia: The navy is even more buffed up and has produced nine more ships from the booty of war. This booty was also used to create a better army, disciplined, well-kept, and experienced. Upgrading the artillery is now a priority for the new tactic the military has formed, which involves lightning fast campaigns across countries, supported by artillery, to search and destroy the enemy and end war as fast as it could. Propaganda has helped workers perform more efficiently, and the more flexible and upgraded Sardinia is now preparing to be on guard for any threat on its borders, especially in a time when Napoleon is running freely in Germany. As a new King is crowned, a change of policy is performed. This new policy focuses more on appeasing the people with liberal gifts which, in turn, will make the people more cooperative when needed.

  • Sardinia Dip: We would agree to a marriage proposal with Venice as long as Piedmont would be the seat of power and the King is of Sardinian-Venitian descent, to avoid favoritism.
  • Venice Dip: Venice accepts the offer.
  • Sardinia Dip: How would we post turns since we are two players?

China: The two colonies expand. In Kenya, farming expands. The zoo expands. A steam engine is developed in the University. The steam engine created a new advancement in science and factories and the first arms factory is built in Beijing, called the Imperial Weapons Factory. The weapons factory now builds muskets, pucket guns, primitive howitzers, grenades and Chinese pad armour. The invasion off Persia is halted, and the army returns to Kaza, building roads and infrastructure. Kaza is now entirely colonized. Farming improves and now only 75% of the population is farming. Establishes trade ports in Canada. However, asks UDA if they want any more support against Canada. Establishes a monthly ferry line to Europe and America. Starts developing faster ships.


  • Mod Events: The Pope after a lot of thinking, Chooses to Go to the Americas, where the Tribes man converted by the Priest welcome him with Incredible Gratitude, Many of them Calling the Pope the Greatest Man on Earth and asking him to Push More Priests inside Patagonia.
  • The French Continue taking land from the Saxons and Invade Friesland, Declaring war against Prussia, Bavaria remains out of The Conflict as well as Deutschland (Federation of Smaller States).
  • Austria Succeeds, and the Austro-Hungarian Empire is Reborn, though many Small Revolts continue, distracting them From the Napoleonic Threat.
  • The French, German and Austrian Revolution stimulates a revolution in Poland, with the Republicans owning Northern Poland and the Imperialists owning Southern Poland.
  • Some public movements begin in Russia, but with no real impact.
  • Virginia and the Carolinas Declare Independence from the UDA after Claiming with no Real Response from the UDA government
  • In Morocco the Sunni Muslims Decide to Stop Fighting but Murders Begin against converting Sunni to Cabalism, and Population of Cabalists decrease to 30% of the Moor Population
  • In the Byzantine Empire, the Title of Roman Emperor is given to a Great General of Greece during the Spanish Release of the Balkans Called Constantine Theokopoulus, he Gains the Title of Constantine (Insert Number Here) under vassalage of Spain.
  • Republic of Canada: Continues to expand west and shut down Chinese ports. Continues to develop military, with a current military population of 2,000 (?). Calgary continues to grow and cities in the east are developed more. A trans-Canada railroad begins construction. Industrialization expands with more and more coal mined. Scientists research the sand at the Athabasca oil sands.
  • Denmark-Norway: We declare war on Sweden, and begin to invade. We are attacking for more land. (Algorithm please.)
  • Kingdom of Mexico: The Kingdom of Mexico continues expansion northward into OTL Alaska and OTL British Columbia, while development of the infrastructure continues. Industrialization continues, while mining for gold and silver continues. The vast reserves of timber in northern Mexico fuels the growing cities, while OTL Louisiana Territory becomes the farmland of the nation. The Kingdom of Mexico politely declines Canada's proposed division.
  • Republic of Canada Diplomacy: Fearing Chinese Imperialism, the ports are shut down.
  • Moors (formerly Morocco): Colonists are sent to OTL Sorong and OTL Walvis Bay. It is made clear that if war between Canada and Mexico breaks out, the Moors will support Mexico. Power to deal with revolts is given to local lords, and the Nile Delta, Mecca and Rabat are made federal districts with any nobles that previously owned the land given land elsewhere along the nation's southern or eastern expanding border. 35% of the nation is now Cabalist, and it is pronounced to the people that there shall be no discrimination against Sunnis in liberated lands. Prophet Meddur marches eastward preaching unity and cooperation.
  • Sardinia: Military and economic power is increased with the Venetian union. Sparta in Greece is rebuilt and is now a symbol of military and industrial power of the Sardinians. Fortresses are being put up in all the cities of the Sardinian Kingdom. The efficiency rate of the economy is increased, further pumping up the State. The artillery is now mass-produced and geared up for the new blitzkrieg-style tactics of the army. In accordance with our pact with the Pope, we invade Mantua (algorithm, please?)
    • Wait a minute! Aren't doges elected? Royal marriages with Venice are illegal, if so.
    • It's not a political marriage.
    • Then it sure ain't going to be a kingdom, nor will you have power over Piedmont-Sardinia.
    • It Can be a Kingdom but, both players must Post under the Main post their Own Executions, and Sardinia Can't intrude in Venetian Business unless he has his permission.
    • OK, edited now.
  • Spain: The Colonies expand and military is built up. Many see the Pope as a great man but that the Papal States have proven unable to handle Christianity towards its needed stand at the Top of the world, but many begin leaving this belief in the see of Spanish Supremacy, without Disrespecting or ignoring outside cultures. While this, Nova Hispania Is Founded in New Zealand on the Southern island. King Carlos dies being replaced by his son (Same name) who declares The Spanish Empire. Spain Remains Neutral and Open towards the French Republic.
    • Moors: So about splitting Papua/New Guinea (photo is on last turn).
  • 'Papal States: Pope Pius X is greatly pleased at the turn of events in the Americas, and sends his own handwritten report to be published in all Papal newspapers about the hugely improved situation, and requests that priests flock to the Americas as a new Promised Land. The colony expands by just a few miles for now, but talks of new laws to help encourage colonization are in the air. The production of Demi-Cannons increases greatly, but soon decreases as their use if everywhere, and less are needed. The Cardinals, with the Pope in the Americas, raise all Papal armies, numbering over 40,000 ('Yes, No, Maybe?) Plus the reduced Papal Zouaves, making it 42,500. They declare war on both of the nations to the north of the Papal States (Not Venice, Sardinia or Savoy, but those two relatively small ones, Mantua and Florence I believe) and quickly divide the armies in half, sending 21,250 to conquer each nation. Pope Pius X has yet to receive news on this act of the Cardinals.
    • Sardinia Dip: Want an alliance? I'll help you on the invasion.
    • Papal Dip: The Cardinals accept the alliance and the help in the invasion.
    • Moors Dip: We offer to send some of our newer recruits to aid in the invasion.
    • Papal Dip: The Cardinals accept this help in the invasion, albeit reluctantly (The whole Catholicism vs. Islam thingy)
  • Philippines:Many feel that the Spanish rule is oppressive, and  declares independence from the Spanish. We asks for peaceful independence, but will resort to war if provoked. Just in case, China is asked for help in achieving independence. Astapisto Dester is appointed King, as King Astapisto.
    • Japan is in isolation. If you want help, your best shot is China.
  • China: The two colonies expand. In Kenya, coffee farming begins. The zoo expands. Arms factory is now built in Northern China. Potatoes, maize and wheat are introduced into China, and now 30% of the farmers in Northern China start planting wheat, potatoes and corn. Propaganda enters Kaza. Farming improves and now only 70% of the population is farming. Establishes a monthly ferry line to Europe and America. Starts developing faster ships. Angry that Canada stopped their trade, China restricts all flow of goods into or from Canada. 


Mod Events:

  • France continues sweeping through Saxony and Friesland.
  • Prussia's army is defeated at the battle of Westphalia by the french and Burgundian armies. Bavaria becomes a member of the Deutsches Bunden and ally of the French.
  • Austria continues in disarray as the revolting Serbs and Croats try to establish their own nations many remain in distraction from the Napoleonic threat.
  • In Poland, a concession occurs as the king proposes a constitutional monarchy, in hope of avoiding the same events occurring in Germany and France.
  • In Russia, a more liberal Tsar opens Russia towards the Revolution, but in a peaceful way, showing his people about the advantage of a strong empire, and giving people the choice to be or not with him.
  • In the Maghrib, the Muslims continue killing the Cabalist, despite they having tolerance towards Islam, the Muslims find them as demons and heathens, thus the Cabalist population decreases to 25%
  • Turkish revolts occur in the eastern regions of Anatolia, as Turkish Muslims try to reclaim their independence with no success though
  • Virginia and the Carolinas continue their fight for independence as the UDA falls into civil war
  • Republic of Canada: Expands westward and Now Shares a common border with Mexican OTL British Columbia. Opens Negotiations with the UDA and Virginia-Carolina to join us under a new name of the "United States of North America". Develops military. Total military population is now 3,000 (?) Infrastructure and cities are expanded greatly. Offers Mexico another territorial treaty in exchange for coal and other various resources. All Chinese ports are shut down and it is decreed that they built them without a proper permit from the Canadian Government. A town at OTL Fort McMurray is founded as an outpost for research and extraction of the tar sands. It is discovered that oil can be burned. The government attempts to keep it a secret.
    • Mexican Dip: We are willing to listen to what Canada has to offer.
    • Canada Dip: We offer the Mexicans investment in a secret resource and coal mining for the areas as posted on the talk page.
  • Philippines: With independence, we begin to improve our military and centralize our government. As of now, the Philippines are primarily Catholic, with some Buddhists.
  • Reason for Independence, please: PD Canada had his with Americans fleeing towards north, Brazil had his with landlords Wishing control of Brazil, and Other nations have been independent only through commonwealth, and Catholics won't become Hindus. They would kill them instead. Sine dei gloriem (talk) 23:27, March 16, 2013 (UTC)
    • Hindus don't have missionaries
  • Mexico continues to improve its infrastructure, military and economy. The Mexican government agrees to the border division with Canada.
    • Canada Diplomacy: We tell the Mexican commonwealth of cheap, abundant fuel that produces some pollution and should be used rather in factories, not homes. We dub this substance "Oil". We invite the Mexican leadership to the tar sands for viewing and examples of how it can be used.
    • Mexican Dip: We agree to send a viewer to the tar sands.
  • Spain: The revolts on the Turkish provinces are handled carefully as we don't want to trigger a revolution in the region. While this, colonies expand and an expedition is sent to retake the Philippines. Exploration of the Australian east coast begins. Colonies expand and military is built up.
    • Moors Dip: We splitting Papua/New Guinea or no?
    • Spain: Yes.
  • Papal States: The Cardinals send all of the Papal forces forward into both Mantua and Florence (Algorithm needed). The Pope hears of this decision by the Cardinals finally, and rushes back to the Papal States on ship. Due to the Pope's recent report about the colony in the Americas, people begin to arrive back at previous levels. The Cardinals, preoccupied with this war, fail to produce any laws regarding colonization in the Americas. Ammunition Factories begin to find themselves funded more by the Papal States, with the need of musket balls and cannons very high as the Papal military grows. A new military uniform is introduced for the Papal soldiers, which due to the recently booming textile industry, are in high demand with a steady supply of the mainly for show uniforms.
  • Moors: The Prophet Meddur continues preaching, reaching Tunisia and managing to calm the populace against Cabalism. A branch of secret police is created to deal with actions needed to be policed at the federal level called the Sky eyes, and they begin pushing local lords to deal with murders, and ensuring that Sunni and Cabalist lords do not act biased. The Legion System is re-implemented, allowing for army-wide coordination. Curfews are implemented in regions with high murder rates, and Cabalism reaches 27% again; mapping of eastern Australia begins, and the nation expands farther east, south and colonies.
  • Denmark-Norway: After being defeated by the Swedish, the army is brought home and re-organized. Officers who did well in the war are to teach the other officers how to lead. Meanwhile, textile factories are  built throughout the country .
  • Venice: The Doge has returned from his second absence. This time he arrives to a civil war. There are four factions: The Trade Faction, The Nationalist Faction, The Scientific Faction, and The Religious Faction. The Doge aligns with the Trade Faction and the Scientific Faction aligns with the Doge. The Nationalist and Religious Factions soon unite under Franco Romano.
  • Sardinia: A major propaganda drive is launched to up the morale of the men. Communications are improved in the whole country. The Armed Merchant Marine Fleet is constructed. In order to supply goods and patrol the waters at the same time. New churches and homes are being put up for the refugees of the wars. The Farming Act is being implemented to give tribute to the effort of the farmers.
  • China: The two colonies expand. Coffee is now a fashion in China. Arms factory is now built in Northern China. Potatoes, maize and wheat are introduced into China, and now 40% of the farmers in Northern China start planting wheat, potatoes and corn. Farming improves and now only 65% of the population is farming. A faster ship is developed, named the Lightning for its speed. Soldiers are assembled in Northern China and Kaza to prepare for its large invasion of Russia. Due to recent industrialisation progresses, China is now as industrialised as most European countries, including Russia. 


  • Mod Events: In the Maghreb a Libyan Berber called Muhammad al-Hakim Proclaims Islam as the greatest Religions of all, and Claims that Cabalism is Heresy and that it should be put down, it as well claims for the Creation of the New Islamic Caliphate to Expand all over the Maghrib and the Middle East.
  • France Defeats the Prussians and Take over Friesland, the Deutsches Bunden. Now becomes ally of the French fearing intrusion on their lands, and Allows the French army to cross its territories to Invade Prussia.
  • The Austrians Continue putting down revolt after revolt, with Mild success, but many of the revolters continue waging through the Balkans. However, in the Balkans, a Serbian Revolution has gained momentum and the leader proclaims himself the King of Serbia.
  • The Turkish States of the Spanish Empire continue in rebellion but nothing out of the ordinary, yet Catholic governors begin to fear another war waging.
  • The UDA and Virginia-Carolina refuse to join Canada, politely.
  • When can we colonize Australia? Daxus Inferno (talk) 00:55, March 18, 2013 (UTC)
  • Republic of Canada: Redefines internal borders. Continues to talk with the UDA and Virginia-Carolina on joining us under the new name of the "United States of North America". Military population peaks at 4,500. The Trans-Canadian railroad continues to be built.
  • Spain: The Colonies expand and military is built up, an Invasion of the UDA is planned and the Emperor Charles I begins to divide the Spanish fleet per territories divided into six, the Eastern Mediterranean, the West Mediterranean and eastern Atlantic, Australia, South America, North America and east Africa and India, the Liberal Laws Continue growing and the Byzantine Army and Greek fire begins to be reused as harmless (relatively) weaponry against revolters in Turkish lands. Despite being Catholic, nominally it's secular de facto.
    • The Republic of Canada proposes a three-way partition of the UDA, we will support you in your invasion.
  • Moors: To deal with the violent zealots martial law is declared in some of the worst areas, and Muhammed al-Hakim is under strong surveillance. The first hot air balloons are implemented into the military, acting as reconnaissance for now, and are used to survey possible colonial regions in the Sahara. Do to the quarrying of the Atlas Mountains and irrigation systems rainfall increases, but still by a small margin, and new irrigation systems are made in newly conquered lands. Once insurrectionists in the mainland are put down an invasion of Yemen and Ethiopia are planned, giving the Moors control of the Red Sea. All colonies and African and Arabic lands expand.
  • Papal States: Pope Pius X returns to the Papal States and immediately dismisses almost half of the Cardinals in Rome for this war, but does not end it, as he only wishes to assert his authority in the Papacy. The war continues as before (Need a Mod to decide how the war goes, please.) The Pope creates the Papal Colonial Act of 1803, declaring that all those who go to the colony in South America, are Catholic, work in the Church for five years in the colonies, and farm or hunt for furs for two years, will be granted fifty acres of land and have their trip to the Papal Colonies be completely free. The town, which was previously unnamed gains the name of Novae Hierosolymae (New Jerusalem), as directed by the Pope himself. The Pope sends a large sum of money to the recently returned Doge of Venice to aid in his reacquisition of power. The colonies expand quickly from the previous statement of the Pope, and are expected to expand even more with the Papal Colonial Act.
  • Sardinia: War games are frequently practiced to keep up the discipline and readiness of the soldiers. We declare support for the French Republic. A drive is being launched to procure supplies for the Armed Merchant Marine Fleet, having only 32 ships. In a program to procure Greek support and preserve cultural sites, An Army of Greece is being constructed and expected to have 12,000 Greek and Sardinian troops. The Parthenon is also reconstructed. A statue of Leonidas is placed in Sparta to remind the Greeks of the bravery of their ancestors. A new modernization drive for the army this time is launched.
    • Sardinia D: We would like an alliance with the Philippines, France, and renewal of our alliance with Morocco.
    • Moors Dip: Alliance renewed; also if things go poorly with the Sunnis can we count on you to help us?
    • Sardinia Dip: Sure. Please send veteran advisors to help upgrade our military.
    • Moors Dip: Will do.
  • Venice: As a result of the Papal States support, the Religious Faction joins the Doge. The Doge uses the financial aid in order to train, discipline and organize the military. The Doge thanks the Papal States for its financial support in his struggle for power. 
  • China: The two colonies expand. Coffee is now a fashion in China and coffee shops are built. Potatoes, maize and wheat are introduced into China, and now 45% of the farmers in Northern China start planting wheat, potatoes and corn. Farming improves and now only 62% of the population is farming. Soldiers are assembled in Northern China and Kaza to prepare for its large invasion of Russia. China sends a secret message to England, Papal, Sardinia, Austria, Poland, Prussia and France to urge the three nations to settle their differences and to attack Spain where England and UDA can receive all their colonies outside America, France, Papal and Sardinia can receive the mainland,  Poland, Austria and Prussia can receive Spanish Ottoman and China can receive Spain's South East Asian colonies and California.
  • England and France won't get along, especially with napoleon on charge, Prussia is currently at war with France, pPland is at verge of civil war, as Austria, and the Papal States are practically under Spanish Protection ever since the Spanish takeover of Naples.
    • Sardinia D: Can I also have Sicily up to Naples?
    • GB D: (to Canada): Canada, hands off the UDA. We will go to war with you to protect our allies in the UDA.
    • Sardinia Dip: I would go to war on the Canadian side.
    • Papal Secret Dip (To China):  The Pope declines the invitation to fight Spain, saying that God's people must remain united and strong.
    • Moors Dip: We will defend our Spanish ally. Choose another foe.
    • Mexican Dip: We will defend Spain.
    • Sardinia Dip: Sure, I won't get Spain, especially without allies.
    • There will be no Chinese in North America, its implausible.
    • I say the same.
  • The Kingdom of Mexico continues to expand northward into OTL Alaska, while the new border changes are announced to the Spanish population in the northern region of what will become Canada. Development of the infrastructure continues, while the Mexican Army is sent to the border with the UDA, with the goal of taking the Indian Reserve if war breaks out. Expansion of the military continues, while the Mexican Navy launches its first man-of-war.


Mod Event: In Austria the Armies of the Hungarians and Austrians March towards Serbia to increase its presence in the Balkans as they see that they've taken their rightful land from the Ottomans, and many of the Serbians see them as the only ones capable of protecting their kingdom.

In Poland the Constitutional Monarchy is a success as many of the Polish see that no more blood should be spilled in Europe, they now focus on their African Golden Coast Colony and the Christianization of Crimea

The Turkish Revolts begin to lost its momentum as some Turkish Peoples begin to learn about the New policies of the Spanish Empire and the bureaucratic solutions it provides to the Peoples of the Empire.

In the Maghrib, strong opposition from the Berbers and Tuaregs within the Empire to become Cabalist, and the Influence of Hakim makes this much harder, but he adopts a new philosophical view of the Islam which allows to some extent Poly-cultural Islam but only a few follow it as of now.

Some Greeks in Achaea and Macedonia begin Requesting Independence as A commonwealth of vassal of the Sardinian and Spanish Empire respectively, as they feel now it's time to return to their Previous status

Napoleon Crushes the Prussian Army in the Battle of Prussia in which he manages to take German Prussia and the Government is Forced to Fleet towards courland and Konigsberg, Napoleon Declares Emperor Of the French and Germans and Keep His Capital In Paris, Now He Focuses on Central Germany Unification under one Vassal State

and Colonization Start to conquest Australia is Next Turn Sine dei gloriem (talk) 02:25, March 19, 2013 (UTC)

  • Republic of Canada: Gives the French and Spanish within our borders rights. Proposes a Three-Way Embassy between Mexico, Canada and Spain Along the Mexico-Canada Border. Natives are recruited into the army, bringing the total population of the military up to 6,500. The railroad continues to be built across the nation, workers are sent to OTL Vancouver to start building east while workers continue to build from the East. Expands North and West, the Republic now has control of everything South of OTL Juneau.
  • Venice: The Doge's Venice (southern/coastal Venice) is renamed Republican Venice. After a year of training, the military is organized and disciplined and begins its attack on Nationalist Venice (northern/inland Venice). We request our allies to send us military and medical supplies as trade is stalled.
    • Moors Dip: We will send inexperienced soldiers to aid you.
    • Sardinia Dip: We will send the fresh recruits so they could earn exp.
    • Venice Dip: We thank you two for the aid.
  • Sardinia: We send an embassy to the Canadians for an alliance and trade rights. We secure Greek support for any of our wars by giving them not commonwealth, but a Sardinian-Greek Governor, an Army of Greece, citizenship, and fortifications to prevent a revolt. Meanwhile, Sardinia, militarily, is now virtually a monarchic, liberalized fortress state. Heavy concrete defenses are placed around Sardinia. The people are still happy due to the fact that the military does not touch the people's life and the liberties are still there. An undercover corps is also to be installed. As an ally of Napoleon, we give him passage through our country for just a small fee. Taxes are regularized. Fear of revolt is put down as criminal ringleaders are being arrested and food shortages being solved.
  • Spain: The Macedonian Territory under Byzantine/Spanish Suzerainty May become an Autonous Themata of the Roman Empire, but can't leave the Spanish Commonwealth until a hundred years have passed ever since it fell under Spanish rule. Military is built up and colonies expand. A colony is made in OTL Durban and another one in Nigeria. While this, India is the Region now seen as a geographical interest as well as economical by the Spanish.
  • Moors: The Cabalist population reaches 28% and hopefully it will piss off other Muslims sects less. The Propget Meddur finishes Almanac of the Soul, but he continues to add on the book is not yet published, and he also marches east to speak with Hakim. Due to sending fresh recruits to the Papal States and Sardinia, most soldiers are experienced, and it is split into parts, the Ancestor Legion filled with the most experienced which are responsible for most of de jure Morocco, the Maghrib Legion, responsible for de jure Algeria, the Libyan Legion, responsible for Libya, the Red Legion, responsible for Arabic and Egyptian Lands, and the Sand Legion responsible for regions in Sahara being colonized.
    • Berber Expansion: All Colonies plus Sahara, Arabia, and Sudan. "Berberification" of colonized region begins, mostly through teaching the Berber language, Cabalist missionaries, and emigration to colonial regions.
  • The Kingdom of Mexico: Continues to industrialize and populate the northern frontier, all Mexican territory south of the border with Canada and east of the Mississippi River. The city of Pueblo (OTL Denver) is established in the Rocky Territory, while the city of Las Vegas is established in the Colorado Territory. Railroad connections between major cities begins, while work on the Trans-Mexican Railroad from St. Louis to San Francisco begins. Expansion of Alaska continues and controls everything north of Juneau, but plans to expand into OTL Juneau begins. Meanwhile, the Mexican government secretly urges Spain to launch an preemptive strike against the Chinese, in an effort to permanently destroy the power of the Chinese, and save the Spanish Commonwealth from an invasion by China and its allies.
    • Mexican D: Mexico has announced that the government of the UDA (upon the request of Dean) has agreed to become part of the Kingdom of Mexico. The new Eastern Frontier consists of Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Tennessee, Kentucky, Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin, Michigan, and Ohio. (NOTE: That Dean requested the annexation of the UDA)
  • China: The two colonies expand. Another settling fleet departures New Guilin and departures for Mozambique, settling in the parts that are not Portuguese. Potatoes, maize and wheat are introduced into China, and now 50% of the farmers in Northern China start planting wheat, potatoes and corn. Farming improves and now only 60% of the population is farming. However, the government now see that it will be difficult to continue the decrease of the farming population and thus halts the plan. Soldiers are assembled in Northern China and Kaza to prepare for its large invasion of Russia. Forts, trenches and defences are being built on the border, and asks France, Canada, Morocco and Sardinia to support its campaign. The war is planned, and is planned to attack in January, right at the middle of the Russian winter to firstly surprise the Russians and secondly to start fighting the main part of the campaign in Spring. On the other hand, the coldness of Russia and the issue with muskets and cannons overheating will be dealt with as well, using warm Northern Chinese cotton clothes and a large amount of cannons and muskets for each soldier (Each soldier three musket, Each three soldier a cannon), respectively. The military factories are now thus, off to work.  Due to having too little support, China stops its invasion plan. However, in fear of a retaliatory strike from Spain, China begins building up coastal defences and its navy. A inventor, Lee Huang You, invents the first steam train, which is held by great esteem by the government, believing that it could speed up trade and military transportation. The first train line, from Beijing to Tenjing is being planned. 
    • I'm targetting Russia, not UDA!!!!
  • Papal States: With the wars in Modena and Florence won, the Pope dismisses the rest of the Cardinals that declared war without his permission. Younger, more supposedly loyal Cardinals take their place, as the Pope prepares for another voyage to the Americas. The war in Florence and Modena went much differently than simply incorporating Tuscany into the Papacy, and so half of the army stands down and goes back to the Tuscan and Urbano region, while the remaining half of the Papal Army stays to aid in rebuilding of roads, bridges, and multiple buildings in Florence and Modena. A fort begins construction in that area as well, so as to base the remaining soldiers actions from. More and more settlers arrive in the Papal Americas, expanding the colonies greatly. Finally, another steel mill is constructed in the former border between Modena and the Papal States.


  • Mod Events:France under Napoleon Becomes the Great Empire of France after taking Berlin and German Prussia, the Deutsches bund now leaded by bavaria remains as the only germans state under no outside rulling
  • Serbia's army is crushed, and the King is killed the rebellions end in austria, and the Empire claims its strength
  • Russia seing the destruction of Serbia begins mobilizing their troops to austria declaring them war
  • The Marathas begin forcing the British out of India, after the fear of a British India becomes a reality at the eyes of the Indians.
GB: Colonization and industrialization continue. Parliament outlaws the slave trade. Military and economic aid are sent to the UDA.
  • UDA does not exist, the territories that were not conquered by Canada were annexed into Mexico by the former user's request.
  • Republic of Canada: Prepares to invade the collapsing UDA and various successor states. Continues to strengthen our diplomatic relations with Spain and Mexico.
  • Venice: After a year of attacking, Republican Venice splits Nationalist Venice into two, east and west. Nationalist Venice soon counters, attacks Republican Venice in the center, and eventualy breaks through Republican's Venice line. This results in the spliting of Republican Venice into North and South, with the Doge leading Southern Republican Venice and Vincezo Bianchi in Northern Republican Venice. Both Northern and Southern Republican Venice prepare for the final counterattack against Nationalist (center) Venice.
  • Sardinia: As the military expands, new special units are formed. The Alpine Corps, specializing in mountain warfare, based in the Alps. The Marine Corps, specializing in amphibious warfare, based in Corsica. The Overseas Corps, based in the island of Sardinia. The Olympus Corps, based in Greece. The Roman Legion, based in Piedmont. And the Praetorian Guard, the King, now renamed as the Strategos Imperator's bodyguard. A new textile and porcelain factory is being constructed, giving people new jobs. The army barracks and training center is giving a bit more bonuses to the troops, ensuring top-level determination. Pay is also expanded, giving the poor people opportunities by enrolling in the academies. A new Construction Center is also created, creating high-quality weapons for the soldiers. A new Science Center and Resaearch Center are also constructed. The Armed Merchant Marine Fleet is in the course of being upgraded to 55 ships. The bureaucracy of the nobles has also been reformed, giving the people happiness as the nobles' power has been curbed. Talented young men in the army and government can now be elected. Representatives are also sent to collect indirect taxes, stimulating higher income. Barbed wire is now being mass-produced and trench warfare studied.
    • Sardinia D: We would like to put up an official embassy in the Papal State, Moor State, and Canada. We would also like to stimulate trade with the Canadians, requesting goods in exchange for surplus artillery pieces.   
    • Moors: Embassy accepted.
    • Papal States: The Embassy is accepted, and land is set aside in Rome for its construction.
    • Canada: Accepted.
  • Revolutionary France: The Imperial Army has taken over half of Burgundy but still continues the invasion. Industrializes major cities and buys more troops.
  • Papal States: The Pope leaves for the Americas, while many colonists also leave with him, hoping to arrive to the New World with the Pope himself. With the new Cardinals in charge, they are loyal, but somewhat indecisive without clear word from the Pope. They do, however, insure the continuation of current Papal policies, and end up pushing through a new one. This new law is quickly named The Papal Enforcement Act of 1805, which details that for the time being, the Modena and Florence regions shall be placed under Military Rule, but retain the right of Habeus Corpus, until 70% of destroyed infrastructure is rebuilt, and roads are repaired. This law hopes to put down insurrections that would arise from the first conquest, and remove the ability for them to happen in the future. Another thing rolled into this law is funds for a railroad to be built in Rome and end in Florence. The fort is almost at 25% completion, but five soldiers are killed by violent protestors in Florence, which leads to their immediate execution when taken to jail. The construction of the Sardinian Embassy begins in Rome, with the land set aside being beside the original seven hills of Rome.
  • Moors: A large railroad connecting Rabat to Mecca is planned, and the first rails are planted. Hot air balloons are now implemented more into the military and are being used for bombings. The Cabalist population reaches 31%; and the Prophet Meddur speaks to Hakim, and the two walk away more enlightened. Colonists are sent to OTL Perth, and plans to subjugate the Empire of Java are made. The navy is greatly expanded, with the total amount of ships reaching 60 and growing. 35 patrol the southern Mediterranean, five patrol OTL Camaroons, five patrol OTL Namibia, ten patrol Madagascar and five Berber Papua. All colonies expand, and continues expansion into Africa and Arabia.
  • Dutch southeast Asia: The military expands and continue to settle in Malaya and Sumatra a colonization is now settling in Borneo. Industrializes major cities and the capital Kuala Lumpur expands including Montkiara, Ipoh Malaca and Kepong.
  • China: The three colonies expand. The mozambique colony is named Shing Fung (New Prosper). Potatoes, maize and wheat are introduced into China, and now 55% of the farmers in Northern China start planting wheat, potatoes and corn. Soldiers are assembled in Northern China and Kaza to prepare for its large invasion of Russia. Forts, trenches and defences are being built on the border, and asks France, Canada, Morocco and Sardinia to support its campaign. The military factories are now thus, off to work. Weapons are being built and the university begins researching capitalism, hoping to make more money by trade. Hot air balloons are first implemented into the army and are now said to e going to use to bomb Russian forts, to allow them to be taken quicker. The Minister of War introduces a new weapon "Water Bomb", that would be dropped by the hot air ballons on Russian forts to devastate the enemy. Asks for an official relationship with European nations and exchange embassies.


  • Republic of Canada: Prepares to integrate the Colombian and South Saskatchewanian Territories into the nation. Prepares to invade the UDA's successor states along the east coast, proposing further partition with Mexico (You Get south, I get North). Expands North and North West.
  • Mexico: Continues expanding into the OTL Alaskan Wilderness, while Russia is asked to purchase their portion of Alaska, in exchange for a million Mexican pesos. Developement of the infrastructure continues, while the Kingdom of Mexico agrees to the division, let's say along the border of Virginia and Carolina. Meanwhile, the economy improves, while the Trans-Mexican Railroad from St Louis is expanded to include Chicago to San Francisco.
  • Sardinia: The army, due to volunteers, higher pay, and a bit of conscription, has swelled to 115,000 men while the navy has more than a hundred ships, both armed merchant, patrol, and regular fleet. We invade Valais just north of Piedmont and south of Napoleonic Germany (need algorithm, please?) and, if it doesn't anger Napoleon, eastern Paca in Southeastern France, since it's in Violet and not in Blue, I presume it's not part of his Empire. We request Papal and Moor assistance in this. (need more algorithm, please.) We also position the elite Olympus Corps in the pass of Thermopylae and a small fleet at Artemisium. We also fortify the Isthmus of Corinth and Athens.
    • Sardinia D: We would like to have an alliance with the Mexicans and the Portuguese.
  • Dutch Southeast Asia: The military continues to expand and the colony continue to expand in Borneo hence settlers have found land above Malaya (Thai) and have settled there. The Government of Malaysia decides to declare independence from the Dutch on the 31st day of August, with its first Prime Minister Tunku Abdul Rhaman. The empire is named the Malayan Empire.
  • Japan: Military expand and supports the declaration of the Malayan Empire.
  • Papal States: The Pope is currently staying in the Americas for the time being, as the colony in OTL Argentina expands southward, while the colony at OTL Tierra Del Feugo begins to expand northwards from the island, all due to the increased arrival of colonists. The Cardinals vote to send soldiers and artillery to aid the Sardinians in their war effort. The fort is 75% completed, and a few factory owners begin to expand their territory into the new Florence and Modena regions of the Papal States. Wine has seen a revitalization in recent months, with more vineyards being created in the Papal States. The Cardinals also vote to create two other forts, a new one a few miles from Rome, overlooking a bridge across the Tiber, and one to the North-East on the coast.
  • Moors: Sends about 45,000 soldiers, a fraction of the military to aid Sardinia. The Trans-Berber Railroad is about 5% done, and construction points and Tripoli begin as well. 33% of the population is Cabalist; and the Prophet Meddur makes his Hajj. The navy is beefed up to 70 ships, and the invasion of the Empire of Java is planned for the near future.
  • Venice: Northern and Southern Venice close in on Nationlist Venice, Nationlist Venice soon collapses and the Doge returns to power.
  • China: Support the uprising of the Malayan Kingdom. The three colonies expand. Mass-scale farming and inter-ratial marriages begin. Potatoes, maize and wheat are introduced into China, and now 60% of the farmers in Northern China start planting wheat, potatoes and corn. Experts believe that this "New Crop Craze" will end fast. Soldiers are assembled in Northern China and Kaza to prepare for the large invasion of Russia. Forts, trenches and defences are being built on the border. Admits the existence of the newly formed Malayan kingdom. The factories are now prepared and have finished all the weapons, which are sent to the border. War games are practiced to improve the readiness and fierceness of the troops. The first bank in China opens in Hangzhou. Asks for an official relationship with European nations and exchange embassies. More hot air balloons were implemented into the army. Carbines are now researched. Four special armies are founded, the sky navy, which is trained with hot air balloons; the lightning cavalries, which are trained in Mongolia and use lances and muskets; Shadow troops, trained in Yunnan and skilled in poisoning, assassination and ambushes; and the Shark troops, trained in Taiwan and skilled in naval ambushes, melee combat and blockades. 
    • No retroactive anything


Mod events:

  • Weirdly, the Dutch do nothing about the Malayan Empire.
  •  Napoleonic France declares war on Russia for being a hostile to Austria, which has an alliance with France.
  • Napoleon hates Austria, and Dutch are fine, so they are going to fight.
  • A major earthquake happens in Mexico (OTL Los Angeles) where more than 1000 people die.
  • Sardinia: As we wait for the outcome of the war with Paca maybe and Valais (still waiting for algorithm?), led by General Alberto Lazarini, a man of 22 who has incredible military experience as he is one of the seven people who has participated in all the wars, we create a three proper fire departments and two more hospitals. We also create a huge artillery factory and a munitions factory. In Sardinia, we create a large naval dock while in Corsica and Greece, we create training centers and army barracks, plus a large, new supply base. We also send a small amount of men, 6,500 at most, to invade a war-torn Venice (do I still need an algorithm, he practically inherited the country, I think?). They are ordered not to kill civilians, or destroy property but to destroy any enemy army. We invite the Pope to participate, to get experience for his men. Due to a great coup to build the army and morale, the King has toured all cities and provinces, and due to some influential talking, the army has expanded to 120,000 men, and funds are enough to sponsor six ships-of-the-line and 18 frigates.
    • Papal D: Pope Pius X proposes that both Sardinia and the Papal States dually invade the fractured Venice and restore it back to its unified self, allowing Sardinia to keep a hold on it, and to remove the threat of any ideas that caused the fracturing of Venice to reach neither the Papacy nor Sardinia.
    • Sardinia D: OK and thank you. We'd also like to invite you to tour our fortresses, to increase your defensive capabilities, no offensive meaning.
    • Papal D: The Cardinals accept the invitation and send the two most senior members with the Chief Architect of the Papacy.
  • Venice: After the Doge returns to power, he discovers that the civil war has made a serious strain on people's lives and the economy. He soon dies of severe stress and Venice once again collapses. It is later discovered that in the Doge's will he allows his allies to invade and bring unity to the fractured Venice.
  • Republic of Canada: All Spanish ceded territories are now integrated, and we allow the Spanish their rights within the republic, to be represented in Congress and the right to vote. We teach them English and French. The railroad is expected to be finished soon - by 1810 at least.
  • GB- Continues industrialization and expands existing colonies.
    • GB D: Canada and Mexico, do NOT invade the UDA's successor states. If you do, we will impose a blockade.
    • Sardinia D: DO NOT impose a blockade. You might regret it.
    • There are no successor states. The remaining provinces of the UDA not annexed by Canada requested to join Mexico (Look at my talk page).
  • Papal States: The Pope begins preparations to return to the Papacy in Rome, but receives word on the situation in Venice, and sends a proposal to Sardinia. The Cardinals end the Military Law in Modena and Florence as the fort, named Fort Abraham is finished and construction continues on the two new forts. The railroad expands slowly but surely as more funds become available for the Papacy. The colony in OTL North Argentina expands southward, but the colony from Tierra Del Fuego encounters frequent crashes of ship due to the sheer amount of uncharted rocks and uncertainty about the terrain, and so further travel is suspended.
  • Mexico: The Mexican government continues to incorporate the new Eastern Frontier into the provinces. The existing English and Native Americans are given equal rights. The railroad expansion continues, while colonization of the Alaskan wilderness continues. Recovery of the earthquake begins.
  • Moors: The invasion of the Empire of Java is underway in attempt to subjugate the post-colonial nation (algorithm). The Trans-Muslim (formerly the Trans-Saharan railroad) reaches 12% completedness. The Cabalist population reaches 33%, but conversions make little headway outside of Northern Africa. The navy is beefed up to 85 ships, and industries expand. Most natives in colonial regions now speak Berber.
  • Malaya (Malayan) empire: The military continues to expand and the colony continues to expand in Borneo and Thailand. industrializes cities and modernizes the army.
    • You want an algorithm done for invading Ayuttahaya?
    • First of all, from now on, independence algorithm am going to make one for you, because there is no way the Netherlands would let you go so easily without war or a Homeland crisis.


  • Mod Events: In Poland the people claim war against the Austrians as like in Russia the Pan-slavic feeling has grown and the senate forces the king to declare the war against Austria making an alliance with the Russians.
  • The events in Poland bring Napoleon an interesting chance he was considering before, Invading Austria and taking Belgium to form a Gaul-wide France and take down the last German powerful state in western Europe.
  • 'The Hakimism begins growing faster and faster in Northern Africa, as Peoples of all over the Maghrib begin to see in  Muhammad al Hakim the only Islamic Hope in Africa, by this time the Maghrib under Moroccan Control is at 30% Cabalists' 15% Hakimism/Maghribism, and 65% Sunni Islam.
  • The Pope falls ill after years on the papacy, he dies in Rome from an unknown disease yet to be said.
  • ​Republic of Canada: Expands North Into the great plains. Quiet Year. Continues to develop military and expanding territories.
  • 'Sardinia: We mourn for the Pope of Rome and we build two new laboratories specifically designed to create antidotes for all known sicknesses and to research about the Pope's illness. While still waiting for the outcome of the wars (some 'algorithm please?), we put ourselves to the incredible task of rebuilding Venice. First off, as we barely know anyhing of Venice, we request a new Doge from a peoples' election, giving Venice a status equal to the Greeks, giving it its own army of Venetians under the command of the Sardinian Armed Forces. We also request an alliance with the Poles, the French, and the Russians and are secretly contemplating an invasion of Austria alongside with Napoleon and the Poles. Sardinia is now considerd to be, in a military sense, one large fortress as we have done our best to secure it from any attack. Huge, complex fortresses are ordered to be put up in Sardinia and Venice, while using the thousands and thousands of surplus funds from indirect taxes across the kingdom. Venice is also made into a cultural and economic capital of the Kingdom. We speed up the creation of the new guns, artillery, and ships as the Venetian Navy is to be turned into the Armed Merchant Marine Fleet, now having 81 ships.

Can I please get my algorithm now?


  • China: Continue supporting the uprising of the Malayan Kingdom. The three colonies expand. Mass-scale farming and inter-racial marriages begin. Soldiers are assembled in Northern China and Kaza to prepare for the large invasion of Russia. Forts, trenches and defences are being built on the border. Admits the existence of the newly formed Malayan kingdom. War games are practiced to improve the readiness of fierceness of the troops. The first bank in China opens in Hangzhou. Asks for an official relationship with European nations and exchange embassies. More hot air balloons were implemented into the army. Carbines are now researched. Four special armies are founded, the sky navy, which is trained with hot air balloons; the lightning cavalries, which are trained in Mongolia and use lances and muskets; Shadow troops, trained in Yunnan and skilled in poisoning, assassination and ambushes; and the Shark troops, trained in Taiwan and skilled in naval ambushes, melee combat and blockades. Asks Napoleon if he wants to work with China and take the whole Russia, with all land east to the Ural mountains to be Chinese and all land west to be French.
  • Papal States: The Cardinals come to elect a new Pope, and with the numbers as before, the Pope is from Spain, taking the name of Julius IV. The Pope immediately proposes a tax cut for the first 100 families to go to the New World. The new Pope also calls for reforms to the military, making it more Spanish-like in drill and tactics than it had been before. Finally, he creates a law that gives more subsidies to industrial businesses, which will allow for more newer businesses to stay afloat for much longer, increasing the Papal Industrial Capacity greatly. The colony at OTL Tierra Del Fuego moves little to nothing at all, while the colony in OTL Argentina grows bolder with the large increase and expands into the heart of OTL Argentina in the search for new lands.
    • Papal States: The Pope wishes to renew the alliances with Spain and Sardinia, to keep the same great allies as the last Pope had.
    • Spain D: We will surely continue our alliance.
    • Sardinia D: Sure. We remove that claim to Sicily and instead, as the Pope is allied with Spain, we would also like to set up an embassy in Spain and one in Sicily as proof that we renounce our claims to it.
  • Venice: The fighting between Republican/Trade and Nationalist/Isolationist Venice (Religious and Science Factions are in both) has ceased. It is an extremely brutal and close campaign against Franco Romano and Vincezo Bianchi for the office of Doge. The population of Venice has a 50% split with who to elect as Doge and it seems civil war is looming once again. A person named Giovanni Lombardi, however, proposes that the Most Serene Republic of Venice would be split into two sovereign nations, Republican Venice, and Nationalist Venice. Republican Venice is to be located on the coast and lead by Vincezo Bianchi while Nationalist Venice is located inland with access to a river and lead by Franco Romano. After much debating, the two men accept Giovanni Lombardi's offer, officially splitting Venice into two. Republican Venice decides to keep the formal ties with Sardinia while Nationalist Venice decides to break them. Eventually, Gionvanni Lombardi's power soars and gains huge influence on both Venices and one daydreams of seeing a united Venice once again. 
  • The Kingdom of Mexico continues incorporating the Eastern Fronteir into Mexico, with the provinces of Ohio (capital being Columbus), Michigan (capital being Dearborn), and Illinois (capital being Chicago) entered into the Kingdom. The Trans-Continental Railroad from San Francisco to St. Louis is expanded to reach Columbus, Ohio Territory. Colonization of OTL Alaska continues, while the Embassy in Vancouver, International Territory is constructed. Russia is asked to purchase its part of Alaska for an equal amount in compensation.
  • Carolina, Pennsylvania, Ohio and Virginia are Independent nations. They broke away from the UDA by 1808, but Dean erased the mod event so I had, about someone taking them. Maybe I could get them to join Mexico in the future but not now, maybe in five or ten years. Sine dei gloriem (talk) 21:24, March 23, 2013 (UTC)
  • Ohio was part of the Indian Frontier and was one of the parts annexed by Mexico. But for others, I can wait.
  • Very well.
  • Spain: The Spanish Empire or Imperium Hispaniorum, asks the Papal states to crown Charles I (Carolus I) of Spain Imperator Romanorum, as plenty of the European Mediterranean and The Levant itself are part of the Spanish Empire. Carthage, (One of the Three pillars of Rome, (Rome-Constantinople-Carthage)) and Constantinople, are under Spanish Rule or Suzerainty. Plans on Taking The Mughal are secretly brought from the Imperial Army to the King who wishes to establish Spain as one of the ruling empires of Europe, while keeping the Spanish and other peoples member of the Empire happy. With this, assuring Islamic tolerance in the Act of Naples, and Freedom of Religion to some extent, in the Act of Adrianopolis while it asks the Bishops of Spain to meet in the Council of Cartagena, and the Later Council of Nicaea to grant Muslim peoples on keeping their religion and traditions without forcing them to bow to Christendom.
    • Papal States: The Pope invites King Charles I (Carolus I) to Saint Peter's Basilica to be crowned Imperator Romanorum at Mass on Christmas Day, hoping to coincide with Charlemagne's crowning in 799, and invoke the same sort of awe in the Spanish Empire.
    • Malaya Empire: The Borneo colony expand. Continue to invade Thailand, the military builds up while cities are being industrilized. A buddhist movement spread in Malaya and about more than 60% of the population is now buddhist.
    • Moors D: Congrats, Spain! Just don't forget you share Carthage.
  • Moors: Invades the Empire of Java (still needs algorithm). The Trans-Muslim Railroad is now 15% complete, and begins functioning in completed regions. Navy increases to 90 ships; offers to help Venice. Continues expansion in Africa and Arabia as well as in all the colonies.

I'll be gone for a week so on all the turns next week all that my nation will be doing is modernizing the army, navy, artillery, and air force. If Poland and/or France attacks Austria, I'll invade Milan and whatever territory I can get on Mainland Austria. If UglyTurtle decides to be in Republican Venice then he may use Sardinia but not for any vested interest, just follow the things I've been posting about upgrading capabilities please. and that he won't tear my country apart like what happened to Venice. If he doesn't use the Republic, then Sardinia will just modernize and upgrade its defenses and morale. If any nation attacks me, then I'm gonna let the Moors player and/or the Papal player use my country, but only when there is gonna be war. If not, then construction and power-building is what Sardinia will do. Thank You. Limeuan (talk) 04:13, March 24, 2013 (UTC)


Republic of Canada: Continues work on developing infrastructure, railways and military. Quiet year.

Malaya Empire: The Borneo colony expand. Continue to invade Thailand, the military builds up while cities are being industrilized. The government over develops the country and there is now many ghost cities around the country. Cannons are being researched. Asks if Spain will sell the Philippines. The Buddhist movement continues. Now more than 68% of the population is Buddhist.

  • Spain: It politely refuses the Malayan offer.

Moors: Trans-Muslim railroad is now 20% completed. Increases navy and continues expansion.

Papal States: The Pope crowns King Charles I the Imperator Romanorum at Mass on Christmas Day, declaring that Emperor Charles I (Carolus I) is the successor of Rome itself. The railroad between Rome and Florence is 57% completed, but they reach a previously unthought of river and begin to build a bridge for the railroad to cross, snagging the construction slightly. but otherwise, the expansion continues as planned. The colony at OTL Tierra Del Fuego allows expansion onto OTL Argentina finally now that all sandbars and rock formations are mapped out.

Republican Venice: Doge Vincezo Bianchi has the greatly hard task of rebuilding Republican Venice as they are in debt. He decides to increase the deficit in order to build a trade port on Sardinia. This will foster economic growth for Republican Venice and military growth for Sardinia. Giovanni Lombardi urges Republican to establish a center of trade between the border of Republican and Nationalist Venice. Bianchi and court consider but are reluctant. We request that the Papal States join the great Italian Commonwealth.

Sardinia: As a result of the trade port, military development booms. The creation of new guns, artillery, and ships is complete and continue to research the latest military technologies. We expand military factories and the Sardinian Army/Navy (Am I doing this right?) -This is UglyTurtle, Signing off. 18:31, March 25, 2013 (UTC))

So far so great mate! EiplecOco (talk) 21:55, March 25, 2013 (UTC)

Spain: The Imperator Carolus I pleased by the Title Given by the Pope he assures Pope Julius that it will protect the Papal States in any circumstance. While this, expansion continues in the colonies and three colonies are made, one the Bay of Carpentaria, one in Melbourne, and one in Eastern Australia, the First one Called Nueva Toledo, the Second called Nueva Cataluña, and the Eastern One Nueva Barcelona, The Empire issues laws of Religious tolerance Special for the Islamics Provinces and the Organization of the Empire begins in the Eastern Provinces with the Founding of the Provinces of Syria, Palestine or Iudaea, Mesopotamia, Armenia and Iconium, Colonies expand And military is built up.

China: Continue supporting the uprising of the Malayan Kingdom. The fertile land near the Great Lakes were discovered and thus farming speeds up in New Houhot. The other two colonies expand. Soldiers are assembled in Northern China and Kaza to prepare for the large invasion of Russia. Forts, trenches and defences are being built on the border. War games are practiced to improve the readiness of fierceness of the troops. Another bank opens in Beijing. Asks for an official relationship with European nations and exchange embassies. More hot air balloons were implemented into the army. A colony is found in OTL Sydney, named New Nanking. The colony begins to expand. Starts making a railroad plan from Beijing to Guanzhou and from Shanghai to Almaty.


  • Mod events: Egypt declares independence from The Moor Empire, after Revolters of Sunni Islam take Alexandria They Son after are aided by Muslims in central Arabia.
  • France takes Belgium as Russian  and Polish armies destroy the Austrian forces with no one to aid Austria.
  • The Chinese face a Revolt, as in Kazakh lands and Southern Regions many find that the Industrialization is nothing but another way from the empire to enslave them, and tired of it they Begin revolting.
  • Bavaria and the Deutsches Bunden unite by the Name of Deutschland or Teutonian Kingdom
  • Virginia-Carolina Georgia and Pennsylvania form the Anglo-American Coalition - a trade agreement and free trading zone in eastern North America, as well as a cooperation entity.
  • In Ethiopia a King Seeks to Expand Westwards and to expand his influence across the Red Sea, Contacting Son after the Spanish Colony in the African Horn.

Moors: Pulls out from Java as troops are needed back on the mainland. Aid is asked for from the Moors close allies, Spain, Sardinia, and Venice, and also the Papal States as zealous Sunni nation poses a threat to Christendom, as well as the fact that the Moors have aided the Papal States in the past. Industrialization continues, and rainfall increases in the Sahara due to quarrying of the Atlas Mountains and more advanced irrigation, causing oasis to become more common.

  • Papal D: The Pope Julius IV, different from earlier anti-everything-that's-not-catholic due to the relations between Spain and the Moors prior to the election of Pope Julius, sends 15,000 Papal Soldiers to Berber-Spanish Carthage to aid the Moors.
  • Sardinian D: We send 5,000 freshly trained troops to your war.
  • Republican Venician D: We send military supplies and propose establishing a trading port on Tripoli.

Republic of Canada: Develops military and infrastructure.

China: The four colonies expand. Due to the uprisings, the Chinese troops were sent to attack the rebels. Soldiers  in Northern China and Kaza are sent to attack the rebels as "training". However, the Chinese government is now trying to improve the living conditions of these two places and thus, turns them into special administrative provinces. Since China has heard about democracy, there will be elected leaders for every district in Kazakhstan and Southern China. Also, starts a plan named "Work for Factories", which will give the Kazaks or Southern Chinese the ownership of a factory and let them spread their wealth amongst their own people. Another bank is opened in Beijing. The Hangzhou University of Art and Business is opened. Asks for an official relationship with European nations and exchange embassies. A colony is found in OTL Sydney, named New Nanking. The colony begins to expand. The railroad plan expands to from Harbin to Guangzhou and from Nanking to Asmana.

Malaya Empire: The Borneo colony expand. Continue to invade Thailand, the military builds up while cities are being industrialized.  Canons are being researched. The Buddhist movement continue, now more than 71% of the population is Buddhist. More schools, Hospitals and public places are built around the country.

Republican Venice: Republican Venice accept the center of trade between us and Nationalist Venice. Turns out they have metal and sell the metal to Sardinia. The money is used to build railroads, hospitals, schools, churches and to establish trade ports on Spain, The Papal States, and The Moors.

Sardinia: Sardinia continues to build up the military and research new military technology. The metal is used to create ship factories and produce ships. 

Mexico: Mexico continues to settle and develop the Eastern Frontier, with the major transportations hubs of Chicago and Detroit increasing, while New Orleans continues to be a major port on the Gulf of Mexico. The Kingdom of Mexico sends an diplomat to the Anglo-American Coalition, asking if they are willing to join the Kingdom of Mexico or allow Mexico to become an observer of the coalition. Meanwhile, the military continues to develope, while the Mexican Navy launches three first ship of the lines. Research into iron hulls continue, while the Trans Continental Railroad is finished. Slavery is outlawed in the Kingdom of Mexico, but due to the political divisions and the lack of slavery in the region, many do not mind. The Mexican Cotton Company is formed and the government nationalizes the plantations under one company, while the slaves are set free. 

Spain: It declares neutrality in the conflict between the Moors and Egypt (it will be they defeating you, cause its the outcome of an algorithm). While this, it follows the example of Mexico, and outlaws slavery. Begins relocating the Slaves in Peru, Argentina or the Eastern Provinces to establish Catholic and pro-Spanish settlements in the regions, Colonies continue expanding, and Military is Built up.

Poland-Lithuania: Poland continues to crush the Austrians, but begins planning to stop expansion and cut many international ties. An alliance goes to Spain, and Poland begins to grant more rights to the peoples of conquered lands, with Poland granting the ethnic groups of Ukrainians, Hungarians, and all Slavic groups voting rights in the nation, and Poland offers an alliance to Mexico while cutting ties with Canada. Austria is offered a peace deal with pro-status quo borders.

Papal States: The railroad is at 65% completion, and plans are underway for the Pope to strike in the last railroad spike, made of gold. The colony at OTL Tierra Del Fuego enters a period of famine due to the harvests being ruined by a sudden onset of unexpected snow storms. The Pope christens a ship on its maiden voyage, made in the honor of God, naming it Pius X in honor of the previous Pope. Industry remains the same this year, with no growth, but no decline.

Republican Venician D: We congratulate the new Pope and propose the Papacy to join the Italian Commonwealth.


  • Mod Events: The Revolting states in China calm down, as they somehow believe in the Imperial Claiming.
  • Austria Declines the Polish offer as many Austrians feel superior to the Polish and Slavic Peoples.
  • Russia's army arrives in Hungary and begins destroying and burning down the villages leaving a trail of destruction behind them.
  • In North Africa several defeats are Imposed to the Moorish army at hands of the Egyptian forces keeping parts of the west of the nation, and the colonies farther the Sinai Peninsula willingly join the Egyptian Empire.
  • The Anglo-American Coalition allows Mexico to join as observer nation but they decline in Joining the Kingdom. Virginia becomes the Center of The Politics from the Anglo American States in northern America. While Georgia Becomes the Main Producer of materials from the coalition. The First Consul of the Coalition is Chosed, it Turns out its Thomas Jefferson, Still Pleading for the American Reunification.
  • In Rome the Pope falls ill but Remains Somehow alive, though crippled by the Influenza.
  • In New Madrid theres a Magnitude 1 Terremote in the Mexican Kingdom territories of Louisiana.
  • In California there's a 7 Degrees earthquake in the Richter Scale, Destroying a Small Chapel.
  • Napoleon begins building up his arming for a large invasion to desroy Austria, a potential trouble in France's road to European Hegemony
  • Republic of Canada: Forces begin to acuumalate slowly along the Former border with the UDA, which now has independent nation along it, preparing for a possible invasion. Military development continues, total military population now over 12,000 or so. The trans-canada railroad is completed.
    • Polish Diplomacy: Poland states if you invade we will aid any nation you attack, your implausibility is insane.
    • Do you know that if you attack Pennsylvania, the Entire Anglo-american Coalition will fell on a war against you
  • Papal States (My Popes have no immune system ha ha): The Pope, while ill, considers politely declining Venice's offer due to the fact he feels more aligned to Spain rather than anything in Italy since he is Spanish. However, due to the cardinal stacking by the previous Pope, almost all the Cardinals are from the Italian Peninsula. The Cardinals vote, in a near tie to join the Italian Commonwealth. Celebrations on the Unification of the Italian states are grand throughout all of the Papacy, now in the Italian Commonwealth. The famine continues without much change in the Terra Ignis (OTL Tierra Del Fuego) colony, and a Pro-Independence groups begin to form in Terra Ignis. The trans-papal railraod is at 89% completion at the moment.
  • Poland: Poland continues to kick the Austrians a##es, taking Vienna and much of there Balkan lands, which are immedialty reorganized into new Kingdoms. Buildup of military continues and Poland tries to heal relations with all of Erope. 
  • War will end in a near stalemate, with Belgium becoming part of France, and Serbia becoming independent, but you won't get any nearer to Vienna. Sine dei gloriem (talk) 22:31, March 28, 2013 (UTC)
  • Venice: We continue to trade and industrialized. We are extremely happy that the Papacy joined the Italian Commonwealth and hope to unite Italy soon.
  • Sardinia: We continue to build up our military and research military technologies. The Naval factories prove successful and now there are 100 ships in the Venecian Merchant Navy. We are glad that the Papacy joined. We also invade Austrian Milan, aiding France and the Poles.
  • Spain: The Military is built up and navy expands colonies expands and the French are warned that no intrusion will be allowed to france or any of its allies if they decide to do so they will go to war with France and its allies such as the Roman Empire and Dalmatia Majoris or Duchy of Albania.


  • Mod Events: Austria Looses the war and Serbia Gains Its Independence, Poland Receives some land and Russia gains prestige. While France keeps Belgium, Austria keeps most of Hungary and previous to the War Serbia Becomes the Main Adriatic Balcanic State,Hostile to Spain and the Eastern Empire in Order to Make Yugoslavian Empire.
  • The French Now Seek Westwards and Napoleon Begins planning an Invasion of england, but now he Launches a Campaign at Denmark,Declaring soon after war
  • Ethiopia's Expansion is halted due to the Present of muslims in OTL sudan Resisting the Monofist Expansion upon them fiercely with nothing to lose but their lifes
  • Egypt Succesfully Remains independent, Some states such as Persia, and Oman accept and congratulate the nation,Soon the Ethiopians Do as well.
  • in the Coalition Jefferson Manages to Impulse some Pro-active laws to enact a reunification Project but is Stopped by the Rulers of the States as many Feel That's Best for them To remain each on their side, the alliance Begin building their own military and Infrastructure as many fear Mexican and Canadian Invasions
  • Small Revolts Occur in the Kingdom of Brazil in OTL Rio Grande Do Sul as Republican Brazilians want to become a democratic government
  • New turns will start at 01:00.
  • Spain:the colonies expand and military is built up, navy expands, and Greater Rigths are granted to the Several Peoples Within the Empire. Serbia is Warned any War launched by you to Spain and its allies will be your end.
  • Papal States: The Pope nails in the last spike, which holds the shape of a cross and is gold, into the railroad at Florence, completing the Trans-Papal Railroad and opening up new Italian Commonwealth state to the railroad industry, regulated by the Pope himself. The Pro-Independence groups in Terra Ignis begin to gain some significant followers due to the still ongoing famine, but the other colony in OTL Argentina, Terra Deus, flourishes and expands southwards towards Terra Ignis. (Should we create a formal constitution for the Italian Commonwealth?)
    • Sardinia D: I don't think that a constitution is a wise thing. Because if we have a constitution, we have a centralized state, and with a centralized state, we have to decide a seat of power.
  • Kingdom of Mexico: Mexico continues to incorporate its eastern territories into the Kingdom, while Spain is asked if Florida could become part of Mexico, so we would be able to reach the Atlantic Ocean, even though we have the Gulf of Mexico. Meanwhile, developement of the military continues, and research into modern technology continues. Mexico announces support for its mother, Spain, against Serbia.
  • Spain D: It agrees giving the northern Areas of Florida to Mexico Keeping the south loyal to Spain
  • China: The four colonies expand. The plans given to the rebel states begins, wkitht the first election held in Chendu and Almaty. Banks are now opening everywhere in China. Hangzhou university develops shared labour and it is immediately used in its surrounding Yangtze River Delta areas. Asks for an official relationship with European nations and exchange embassies. The railroad finishes from Harbin to Wuhan.
  • Sardinia: Due to the "Balkan Problem", Greece is fortified and the Sardinian Forces of Greece and the Armed Merchant Marine is mobilized. The Marine, now having 96 ships are ordered to rearm overtime. Sardinia's military is told to produce bunkers and prepare for another war.


  • Mod Event: Serbia Launches a Campaign at Byzantium and Dalmatia inferior declaring war against the Spanish empire, Mexico and Nueva Granada and the Spanish Allies.
  • Russia steps away from the war, stating that to defeat Spain it would be hard, and that both nations are friendly to each other.
  • Napoleon ask Spain to allow the French army to pass through Spanish territories to invade Portugal.
  • Portugal Launches a Reconquest Campaign in Bahia, Brazil.
  • Ethiopia Continues fighting with Sudan for the East African Plains.
  • Jefferson Becomes leader of the Pro-reunification parties in the Anglo-American Federation.
  • Rio Grande do Sul continues revolting against the Brazilian empire, now facing less Brazilian troops due to the Invasion of Bahia by Portugal
  • Spain: Military is built up and Colonies expand, Serbia is declared war, and the Byzantine Dalmatian and Spanish forces are driving the Slavic forces out of Imperial territories.
  • Republican Venice: Doge Vincezo Bianchi returns from his first absence and discoveres that Giovanni Lombardi filled in the power gap and the Doge thanks him. As a result, Giovanni gains more power. The Doge resumes trade and industrialization ('Limeuan, how did I run Sardinia correctly? This is UglyTurtle, Signing off. 03:55, April 4, 2013 (UTC))

You did it fine and BTW, TY.

  • Sardinia: To prove ourselves as allies of Spain, first, we heavily re-fortify Thermopylae and Artemisium in case Serbia gets to Greece. We declare war on Serbia and raid and land troops on Serbian Dalmatia. For short, we invade Serbia.
  • Papal States: The Pope brings up part of the Papal Army to aid Spain and the other Italian states of the Commonwealth. Unused trade ships are converted for a short time into soldier transports to carry 20,000 Papal Soldiers. Twenty guard ships are pulled to aid in escorting the transports, as well as fifteen Papal warships, which receive five extra demi-cannons each before leaving port. The ships then all sail to the Serbian coast to blockade it, but no troops are sent onto the ground yet. The independence group in Terra Ignis gains enough followers for their name to become common. Liberum Dei Populus (God's Free People). The Papal ship, Pius X docks in the Terra Ignis colony to enforce Papal rule, but no other actions are taken. Finally, the colony in OTL Argentina expands southwards, hoping to connect with the Terra Ignis colony. 


  • Mod event: Serbia declares war against the Papal States, Spain and the Romance coalition surprise many, some Croats in the south revolt but many of them are killed or flee the country.
  • Poland follows Russia and Remains neutral.
  • Napoleon Invades the Netherlands and quickly take over the nation. The kingdom goes into exile in the Amazonian colony.
  • Austria, Portugal, Denmark and Britain form the Imperial Coalition against France and its allies in Germany. They launch a campaign in Friesland failing miserably as they are defeated by the French navy.
  • Brazil falls into civil disarray as the Portuguese troops swiftly continue taking the weakened nation. Rio Grande do Sul is finally independent but now faces the threat from the Portuguese armies reach south.
  • Jefferson is almost killed by a Georgian Independentist in a visit to the south while enforcing his tasks as Leader of the Unification Progress. He survives and Flees to Spanish Florida.
  • Sardinia: We still have the trade agreement with France and Napoleon can still pass through my land, but we do not join his wars, saying that, although he is not our enemy, we still have no quarrel with the other countries. Greece, in the meantime, is turned into a large bunker fortress consisting of shelters and huge quantities of supplies, same goes with all of Sardinian territory. The Army of Greece start landing in Serbia, in synchronization of the counter-invasion by Spain. As the main Serbian Army attacks the Spanish, we land in the weakly defended rear, surprising the Serbs. The navy still proceeds with the heavy coastal bombardment and the balloon air force is starting to recon Serbian territory.
    • Sardinia D: If we win, what's gonna be the partition of land.
    • What is the Romance Coalition?
    • Name I gave to the Coalition of Roman or Romanic Nations (Spain, Sardinia, Venice, the Papal States) and Roman Empire otherwise Known as Byzantium. Sine dei gloriem (talk) 01:38, April 5, 2013 (UTC)
    • Oh, BTW, when can we get an algorithm for this and when's the next map change?
  • Republican Venice: We decide to aid the Papal States in their time of need and send in military supplies. Republican Venice sends in 1000 troops to invade and 20 ships for the blockade. We offer to set up trade ports on the Papal States, Morocco, Egypt, and Spain. Industrialization continues. 

'You have an army. If you are still in union with me, Sardinia made an Army of Venice.'

  • Papal States: The Papal soldiers disembark onto the Serbian coast after much bombardment upon Serbian defences by the Papal Navy. The 20,000 soldiers are split in half and are ordered to capture all of the Serbian coastline. The blockade of Serbia continues with bombardments of all coastal ports and cities. The Pope happily accepts a trade port offer from Republican Venice. The Terra Ignis colony reaches an all-time boiling point as the Pius X ship is blown up and blamed on the Independence group. Soldiers stationed in Terra Ignis defend all military ports and forts, and end up killing nine civilians. The colony in OTL Argentina halts expansion towards the Terra Ignis colony and instead begin to advance into the South American jungles. Multiple railroads develop after the Trans-Papal Railroad is completed, with four currently in development.
    • Sardinia D: Please do not kill my troops. They've already landed on half of the Serbian coast.
  • The Kingdom of Mexico declares support for the motherland and sends aid. Meanwhile, development of the infrastructure and military continues. Expansion of the Alaskan colony continues, while preparations for a secret invasion of the Anglo-American coalition begins.
  • China: The four colonies expand and they have all established a capital for each colony. Ten factories are now given to locals in the previous rebel states, now known as the Special Administrative District of Eastern Kazakhstan, Almaty, Zhambyl, Yunnan, Guanxi and Tibet. Industrialization boosts, although child labour is beginning to happen in large cities in the Yangtze River Delta. The railroad finishes from Wuhan to Guanzhou and a second railroad begins from Shanghai to Almaty. Propaganda is issued largely in most cities and the people now despise Russia with actual quotes like "Russia is the scum of the world!" and "Russians would be better if the Chinese were in control of them!". With all preparations made, the army attacks Russia, led by the emperor himself.
  • Ireland: The State of Ireland is declaring unilateral independence from Great Britain, and calls for recognition by other states. A formal plan of government is still being drawn up by nationalists, but in the meantime, a provisional government will be led by former rebel leader Keny Lough. 

New Turn?

  • Spain: The colonies expand and military is built up. The Byzantine and Lower Dalmatian forces manage to fight the Serbian forces and marching upon their military, The Peoples Right begins grow and the Mesopotamian Region become Autonomous but still part of the Spanish Empire.


Map will be made later.

  • Mod Event: Serbia continues its threat defeating the combined Roman armies. Still, the Romans continue holding their enemies outside of Constantinople and Hadrianopolis.
  • Russia responds to the Chinese invasion strongly and moves troops through Siberia.
  • Portugal successfully takes Brazil but Rio Grande do Sul remains independent.
  • The Netherlands exile continues, and the coalition fights Napoleon with no success in Northern Germany. Napoleon continues taking over Denmark-Norway.
  • Jefferson writes the Law of Union which explains why should they reunite. Challenged by the leader of the Pennsylvanian Republic who launches a campaign against Virginia.
  • Sardinia: Patriotism and propaganda in Greece are in effect. Patriotism that even though they are under Sardinia, Greeks still have their own identity. Propaganda in the form of posters that Serbia will raze Greece to the ground. This gives the army of Greece 6,000 more recruits. This upgrades the army of Greece to 24,000 men. Some 2,000 men are used to reinforce the defense. The 4000 men are used to go to the landing sites to make proper positions and help an orderly withdrawal if necessary. Casualties are minimized by orderly withdrawal. Reserves are called up to do the first blitzkrieg operation. Greece has stepped up to war production. This means deep offensive encirclement operations using mobile field armies.
  • China: The four colonies expand and they have all established a capital for each colony. More land is pushed in and artillery is used to destroy Russian forts. Continues industrialization. 
  • Papal States (I am back!): The Pope's acting general for the war issues a strict order that attacking allies and fellow soldiers will result in immediate discharge and confiscation of property. The Papal soldiers move across the Serbian coast, hoping to link up with the Sardinian armies. Artillery cannons are finally moved into Serbia to give time for the Papal armies to reorganize in case of large-scale battles. The group  Liberum Dei Populus rises now in rebellion at Terra Ignis and quickly takes over two forts in the Terra Ignis colonies due to some members being military soldiers and officers. Soldiers stationed at Terra Deus are ordered to blockade all of the Terra Ignis colony to end the uprising quickly.

Is anyone going to post or will there be a new turn? Limeuan (talk) 05:21, April 11, 2013 (UTC)

Malaya Empire: The Borneo colony expands. The military builds up while cities are being industrialized. The government overdevelops the country and there are now many ghost cities around the country. After many years of building up the army the country is planning another invasion of Thailand. The cannons have also been researched for years and the very first one is built KL and more are being made. The Navy builds up very swiftly hoping to control the Sea of Siam and the ones surrounding South East Asia. Therefore, the invasion of Thailand will be a piece of cake.

Republican Venice: Troops keep being deployed and a full blockade of the Serbian coast begins. Industrialization and trading continue. 

British India: Declares independence from Britain. Starts building farms and builds more armed forces to prepare for war. The country soon fires British cannons to Munghul. After a few days of cannon shooting, the country sends troops to attack Munghul.

I thinks it's dead

ASB turn


This is a tradition for the last turn after being dead.

China: A future Chinaman shows himself and gives Qing phaser guns, star ships, space lasers and nuclear bombs. Moscow is destroyed and a trillion people, born using a cloning machine, landed in Russia, completely occupying it. The entire Asia is invaded and taken over using nukes and clone troopers. Then, Africa and America is invaded with all land 100 miles near Mexico City is sunk. Throws 50 Nukes at England and sinks the UK.

Sardinia: We use all our Navies, upgraded to battlecruisers to bomb Southern Europe and Asia, capturing territory as large as the Roman Empire.

Republic of Canada: Fires ICBMs everywhere, invades New Spain and Chinese occupied America, as well as the UDA's successor states. After North America is completely conquered, invades Mexico City and Mexico. All of the Americas are conquered. Invades China with a billion-man army, using a stolen cloning machine and conquers it. Australia and other former British colonies are occupied after invasion. Then blows up everything else with nukes.

China: China fights back Canada and 1000000000000 space craft is fired into space, taking the entire Chinese population with them. After China colonized the rest of the solar system in a week. 30000000000000000000000000000000000000 ICBM's are fired on Earth and Earth, with all of its nations except China is destroyed.

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