What would happen if the Central Powers Won WW1? This game goes into the future if They did win. Would the world be better if hitler never came to power? Or if the Ottoman Empire never fell apart? This game explains it all.


WW1 Central win


Head Mod/Mapmaker: User:Saturn120





1. Respect other players.

2. To be a bold nation you need to sign up to be a mod.

3. Mods can be a superpower by creating maps for the game as an award.

4. To be a mod, please write in the section below: User:Saturn120 will Approve your application to be a mod.

5. To be a mapmaker, sign up to be a mod then message User:Saturn120.

6. Treat other nations how you want but no offensive terms, (racism, cursing, etc.)

7. One nation per person (except for small countries which you can unify to make one [ex. Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania = Baltic

8. The only current place that can be colonized is Antarctica WHICH YOU CANNOT ALL COLONIZE IN ONE TURN!

9.NO IMPLASULIBILITY! 3 strikes and you will be kicked


(Post Nations you would want to be)

Note: be a mod to be a great power

Great Powers List


German Empire

United Kingdom

Soviet Union/Russia


German Empire User:Saturn120

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