Indonesia | Republic of Indonesia | ꦏꦌꦉꦰꦌꦩꦏꦩꦈꦫꦄꦤ ꦤꦈꦱꦤꦠꦫ | Persemakmuran Nusantara (Javanese)

Capital: Jakarta

Largest city: Jakarta (11,087,595)

Official language: Javanese

Recognized regional languages: Acehnese · Balinese · Banjarese · Batak · Buginese · Madurese · Malay · Makassarese · Minangkabau · Sasak · Sundanese

Other languages: Indigenous minority languages

Religions: Hinduism (59.4%), Buddhism (21.7%), Protestant Christianity (5.2%), Catholic Christianity (3.5%), Sunda Wiwitan (2.3%), Others (3.4%), Non-religious (4.5%)

Demonym: Indonesian

Government: Constitutional republic | Federal presidential

President: Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono

Vice President: Eko Febriyanto Boediono

Legislature: People's Consultative Assembly

Upper House: Regional Representative Council

Lower House: People's Representative Council

Independence (from the Netherlands):

-Declared: 17 August 1945

-Acknowledged: 27 December 1949

Area: 1,484,029 sq km

Population (2013): 250,089,413

Currency: Rupiah (IDR)

Internet TLD: .id

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