Republic of Indochine
Timeline: Fatherlands
800px-Flag of Indochine Fatherlands.svg Coat of arms of Indochina
Flag Coat of Arms
Indochina map fatherlands
Anthem: Indochine, our Motherland
Capital: Hanoi
Largest city: Hanoi
  Other languages: English, Chinese, Thais
Buddhism, Catholic
  Other religions: Taoism, Christ
Ethnic group: Indochine
Type of government: Semi-presidential republics
  government: Single party
Head of Union:
Population: 9,660,129 
Established: 1941
Independence: 1945
HDI: 0.712
Currency: Indochine franc
Internet TLD: .ic
Calling code: 98
Organizations: United Nations, Allied Nations

The Republic of Indochine is a country located South Asia. It became independent after 1942. Since the colonial period, the Vietnamese were always fighting against French colonial government for their independence. In WWI, circa 50,000 people were involved in uprising in Hanoi. The revolution expanded to the rest of French Indochine and forced the French to sent 2000 troops to stop the uprising.

In the 1930s, the Vietnamese continued their fight for freedom, with Ho Chi Minh as their leader. In 1933, he went to India and wanted to gain supported from India. Gandhi agreed to help them, in March of 1933, 16,000 Indians and 100,000 Vietnamese started the second revolution at Quang Binh, when the revolution expands, Japanese, Thai given support to Vietnam revolution by sent 50,000 troops, 170,000 guns and 600,000 bullets to them. But the Vietnamese were defeat by 50,000 French troops. Although the revolution was failed, French were to be seen for the Imperial country. Vietnam gains many support from neighbour country.

In WWII, Japanese army invade French Indochine, France didn't ready for defense, many Vietnamese joined Japanese army and help them to "liberate" it. Japanese formed a puppet government in Saigon, the Social Republic of Vietnam, also Kingdom of Laos, Cambodian State. In February of 1943, Japan controls all of Indochine. Between 1943 and 1944, Allies were liberty all of Thailand, Japan was retreating from Indochine. Ho Chi Minh united those three government, made them to the new government for Indochine. In March of 1944, Germany and France recognize the Republic of Indochine, US, China, UK also recognize in April. Japanese were kicked out of Indochine.

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