Indochina War
(Guerre d'Indochine)
(Chiến tranh Đông Dương)

19 December 1946 - ?? ???? 19??


(modern Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia)


Geneva Accords, Large Autonomy for Indochinese States


Flag of APTO APTO, led by:

  • Flag of North Vietnam 1945-1955 Viet Minh

Supported by:

  • Flag of North Vietnam 1945-1955 Ho Chi Minh
  • Flag of North Vietnam 1945-1955 Vo Nguyen Giap
  • Flag of France ???,???
  • US flag 48 stars ???,???
  • Flag of North Vietnam 1945-1955???,???
Casualties and Losses

Total Dead: ???
Total Wounded: ???

Total Dead: ???
Total Wounded: ???


The Indochina War was a major Cold War-era hot war, fought between the French Fourth Republic and the communist nationalists that organized as the Viet Minh. In the later years of the war, the French were backed heavily by MacArthur's United States, which helped tip the balance in favor of the French would would go on to consolidate victory over all of Indochina despite opposition.


The French had ruled in Indochina, which constituted the modern nations of Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos, since the mid-1800s. This rule was broken during World War II, when Japan occupied...


Initial Warfare

Raoul Salan in Indochina

Raoul Salan in Indochina, 1952

Raoul Salan and US Aid

One of the major turning points in the war was the decision to place Raoul Salan, a 



Eventual independence transition

New strongman republics under US control

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