The Community of Indochina was located near the center of Southeast Asia. Since the independence of Vietnam in 1945, the nation and the neighbouring Laos fought the French together under a common Commnist Party led by Ho Chi Minh and others. In 1969, the Community of Indochina is formed by Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia to help each other in the socialist construction. 

In 1972, Pol Pot, a Khmer Rouge extremist, overthrown the current Cambodian governmend and conducted many resolutions that led to the genocide of the people, promping many Khmers to flee to Vietnam. The Indochinese Army made their way to Cambodia liberate the nation. In 1973, the Community member nations joins the United Nations and Non-Alinged Movement. In 1983, the Community dissoves after finishing the reconstruction mission, and was then morphed into ASEAN in 1984.

Member states included Vietnam, Laos and Cambidia, each of which now have its own communist or leftist party.

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