Indochinese Union
Official languages Annamese, Lao, Cambodgian, French
Capital Hanoi
Head of State Emperor Bao Dai
Establishment 1946 (recognition)
Population 100 million
Currency piastre


Indochina or, more formally, the Indochinese Union is a country in South-East Asia. It was a French colony but managed to emancipate itself during the Second World War by fighting both the Japanese and the Vichyist French army.

Following the second occupation of France by the Allied Nations, Indochina was awarded full independence under Emperor Bao Dai (formally King of Annam).

The central government has a tenuous grasp on its territory, having to combat a few ethnic separatist groups as well as Russian-backed communist guerrillas. The country has also had to fight a war with Thailand to retain such territory formally taken by the French from Siam.

Political Division

The country is divided into five provinces: Tonkin, Annam, Cambodia, Laos and Cochinchina

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