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Indochina is a region that occupies roughly 1/4 of Southeast Asia. The region is controlled and administered by the Philippine Empire, who has occupied it for the past twenty-seven years and is divided into the North and South Provinces of Indochina. Previously a French protectorate from 1887 to 1954, Indochina was invaded by the Philippines two years after the end of the Korean War, in a series of attacks launched from forward bases on occupied Hainan Island, initiating the Second Indochina War a year later, in 1955. In 1958, US President Dwight D. Eisenhower sent military aid to the slowly crumbling French colonial and British troops that had held off waves of vicious Philippine Imperial Army attacks for three years, but avoided the appearance of taking sides. In 1961, John F. Kennedy boosted the US commitment to the region by sending over 120,000 troops (officially labeled as "advisors") to help reinforce weakened colonial forces, and stepping-up the B-49 bombing campaigns begun under Eisenhower, yet still avoiding an open declaration of war. This all changed after the sinking of the USS Guam in April 1962, which resulted in the short-lived Philippine Sea War, and by default, entrance of the war in Indochina in May 1964.

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