The Beginning

In the dawn of April 4, 1991 Soviet and Indian army crosses the borders of Pakistan in a surprise attack. In the first few hours, the Pakistani defensive lines broke. Soviet forces capture the city of Quetta and in the east Indian forces take the city of Gujranwala.

Operation Maharajah

Operation Maharajah was a joint operation designed by Indian army General Landi to capture the city of Karachi, The biggest city in Pakistan. Pakistan forces deployed their 3rd Armored Battalion to defend the city. Defending the city was the last hope to defeat allied forces after losing Faisalabad to Indian forces and losing Peshawar to Soviet forces. on the November 4, 1991 Indian air force Tu-22 Bomber strike the city airport and air-defense and unable Pakistan to use air force in the battle. then the Soviet MiG-29 attack the city structures and cut of supply lines of the Pakistani armored division. At noon, Soviet soldiers enters the city with the support of 500 T-80U MBT from the north and Indian soldiers enters city with the support of Mi-24 attack helicopter from the east. They overrun Pakistani forces 2:1. At the evening of that day, General Buto, the commander of Pakistani forces order his forces to surrender. later at 9 pm local time Pakistani government surrender and Soviet-Indian forces declare victory.

The Peace Treaty

on November 10, 1991 a peace conference has been held in Kabul, Afghanistan and an agreement has been reached. Important parts of the agreement:

  • USSR gains 5 bases in Pakistan.
  • All Mujahedeen forces banned from Pakistan and their leaders handed over to USSR.
  • East of Pakistan including Faisalabad was given to India

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