Indian people

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Buddha - Sikandar Maurya - Satyana Maurya MKGandhiAshokaShankaracharya
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Razia Sultana - Akbar - Rabindranath Tagore

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Ravi Shankar - Priyanka Chopra - Aryabhata
Total population
Regions with significant populations
Flag of India India 1,210,000,000
Flag of Burma 1943 Burma 5,000,000
Abbasidflag1 Arabia 5,000,000
42StatesUSFlag United States of America 3,182,053
20px Canada 2,400,000
Flag of Great Britain (1707-1800) United Kingdom 1,414,100
Australia Republican Flag Australia 405,000
OceanianKoruFlag Oceania 300,000
Hindi, English, Hindustani, others
Hinduism, Islam, Buddhism, Sikhism, Jainism, Christianity

Indian people or Indians are people who are citizens of India, which forms a major part of South Asia, containing 17% of the world's population, the second largest ethnic group in the world. The Indian nationality consists of many regional ethno-linguistic groups, reflecting the rich and complex history of India. India, in its current boundaries, was formed out of a number of predecessors. Because he thought he had found a sea route to India instead of discovering the Americas, Christopher Columbus was mistaken when he thought Native Americans were Indians.