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Indian War
Date 1998 - 2000
Location India
Status Concluded
Neo-Mughal Empire

25pxNeo-Mughal Empire
Flag of Afghanistan 1992 free Islamic Republic of the Indus

Pro-Mughal Militias

Flag of Jihad Islamic Movement of India

Coalition of Indian States

Hindu States

Punjab3 Naxalist Republic of India
1931 Flag of India United Indian Republic
675px-Flag of Indian Federation Nationalist Republic of India
Maratha Flag Neo-Maratha Empire

Muslim States

Punjab Indus Emirate
Vigaynagar flag (Hindustani Raj) Islamic Indian Republic
Flag of Sindhudesh Republic of Sindhustan

Pro-British States

British Raj Red Ensign Neo-Indian Empire
Flag of Dravidia (Their British America) Republic of Christian India

Zombie Hordes
Commanders and leaders
25px Mirza Bahadur

25px Ahmad Shah Massoud
25px Pervez Musharraf
Flag of Afghanistan 1992 free Chaudhry Shujaat Hussain

Flag of Jihad Mohammed Ali Abdul

Punjab3 Muppalla Lakshmana Rao

1931 Flag of India Ramaswamy Venkataraman
675px-Flag of Indian Federation Shankar Dayal Sharma
Maratha Flag Shahu II Bhonsle

Punjab Yousaf Raza Gillani
Vigaynagar flag (Hindustani Raj) Muhammad Rafiq Tarar
Flag of Sindhudesh Shaukat Aziz

British Raj Red Ensign John Warrenville Flag of Dravidia (Their British America) Charles Barton

25px 700,000

Flag of Afghanistan 1992 free 10,000

Flag of Jihad 5,000

Punjab3 250,000

1931 Flag of India 50,000
675px-Flag of Indian Federation 25,000
Maratha Flag 8,000

Punjab 10,000
Vigaynagar flag (Hindustani Raj) 8,000
Flag of Sindhudesh 7,000

British Raj Red Ensign 750
Flag of Dravidia (Their British America) 250

Hundreds of Thousands

The Indian War was a conflict in the Indian subcontinent. The main cause of the war was both the Mughal Empire's desire to reunite the subcontinent as well as the constant infighting between the many Indian successor states.


Rebirth of the Mughals

Fracturing of India

Beginning of War

Initial Offensives

Siege of Jaipur